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Tips to Improve Vaping: Quit Cigarettes with Ease

Tips to Improve Vaping: Quit Cigarettes with Ease

In case you have been questioning, the answer is yes you can improve your vaping experience. The results you get from vaping do differ from person to person as well as unit to unit. However there are some key remedies out there that can increase your pleasure level from participating in this activity.

Our recommendations carry every vaper over into a substantial upgrade in the levels of pleasure that they will get from their vaping experience. These are generalized applications that will improve the mechanics of your vaping experience, no matter what form of vaping product you are using. These tips are collectively gleaned from seasoned vapers and unit manufacturers so they will efficiently comply with whichever type of vaporizer you choose. No flavor or satisfaction level will be hindered, they will only be elevated. These are viable techniques so there is no risk to the efficiency level of any unit. 

What are e-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as E-Cigs, are electronic devices which produce vapor by heating the liquid with a coil (or atomizer). This turns the liquid nicotine into vapor to be inhaled, making them an alternative to traditional cigarettes which are normally smoked. The popularity of e-Cigs is growing every day and there are various types. Some look like traditional cigarettes while others look more like futuristic pens with sleek designs and even LED lights. Some people choose to wear their e-Cigs around their necks with a lanyard and others tend to keep them in carrying cases similar to those used for cigarettes.

Tips on Improving Your Vaping Experience

Avoid Vapers Tongue

Beyond the advantages of vaping, one of the main reasons that people choose to vape is for that full-bodied influx of aromatic flavor. Too much of certain flavors can give you vapers tongue. Vapers tongue is a condition that is directly associated with vaping that unconditionally robs vapers of that advantageous taste.

Take advantage of the tips and measures to prevent or reverse the effects of the vaper’s tongue. By simply expediting your oral regimen, drinking more water, or even using a mouth rinse after you vape. You can fully restore your taste buds back their highest level of reception faster, or never even lose your taste for taste at all.

Upgrade Your Device

You can also elevate your vaping experience to the same exciting level of the beginning by upgrading your rig or unit. There are plenty of new resources available to choose from. The current market is full of available creative ideas that will accommodate you. It doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner’s level or you are an advanced builder. There are options available that will conform to your standards and define your vaping style.

It may be something as simple as replacing an atomizer tank or base building from a kit. There is a wide array of interchangeable accessories that are compatibly in compliance with a standard range. The units of today are versatile, for multi-product selections. Also with a 510 thread connection, they transition easily from one manufacturers components to the next.

Explore the options that come from customizing your rig to meet the standard that you prefer. Upgrades as simple as changing a drip tip or a modified chamber or bowl can make all the difference in the level of vapor you draw in. 

Try Different Flavors

Whether you are dry herb vaping, using wax concentrate vapes, or you prefer a vape juice, one of the great things about vaping is the wide scope of flavor selections available. Sometimes just by adding a little variety to your day will help you elevate the level of enjoyment that you get from vaping. This option won’t just benefit you with a noticeable taste variety, it will also help you avoid the dreaded vapers tongue.

Clean Your Vape

Know your unit and keep it clean. Units come with a manufactures user manual that tells you the best options for cleaning and use. Keeping your unit well maintained by regular cleanings. Try to use the correct battery and by following the unit’s instructions, it will always deliver the most optimal level of performance.

Cleaning out your vape tank will also help a lot. Old e-Liquid can get gunked up into the cotton. This will often give dry hits which taste disgusting. You will also get better airflow after it's cleaned out.

Temperature Settings or Variable Voltage

Know the product that you are using and use the best recommended temperature setting for it. Most units today are equipped with variable temperature settings. Some go by the precise temperature while others work in volts or watts.

Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

In regards to their safety, all electronic items can be bad if used incorrectly. Electronic cigarettes have caught on fire but that because of poor handling. There are many ways to make sure this never happens to you. One of the best ways is to make sure no loose metals or coins are in the same metal container as your batteries. 

Although nicotine is addictive, it is not the biggest worry of smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals. 250 of those are considered no safe with over 60 known carcinogens.

There is still a huge health advantage for switching to e-Cigs from smoking tobacco. A big difference between cigarettes and vapes is that cigarettes don't contain tar. Also, the smoke from a cigarette is much hotter than vapor which can be harmful to your throat and lungs.

Electronic Cigarette Myths

As with any product new to the market, there are many urban legends concerning e-Cigs. There were talks that anti-freeze had become quite prevalent is that many pre-filled cartridges. This originated from a report by the FDA where trace amounts of diethylene glycol were found in a small amount of cartridges. Not only was only one percent found in a couple of cartridges. It's also commonly found in the liquid used in fog machines. 

Cessation of Cigarettes through Vapes

Vaporizers are tobacco products according to the FDA which means that the sale to minors is strictly prohibited. Vapes have been known to benefit a tobacco user greatly if they were to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. They make no claim regarding their purpose as a cessation device (like the nicotine patch) but several studies have shown that many smokers who have quit smoking because of it. Other vapers have successfully lowered the amount of their daily nicotine-intake.

New Years Resolution to Quit Smoking

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of people across the United States and around the world who want to make the change by quitting cigarette, then you’re in the right spot. There are several things to consider before you begin your journey down this life changing transformation. To help you out, we’ve listed a brief “check-list” of the things you have to have to be successful with your transformation.

Choose the Right Vaping Products

You have to like what you are vaping out of in order to be successful with your process to quit cigarettes. The best way to start is by purchasing a beginner vape kit to get started. You can start with the Aspire Spryte Vape and flavored liquid that works with the kit, if you like. However, there are plenty of starter kits that are priced well below $100 and many others go above and beyond the $50 mark.

Buy the Right e-Liquid or Nicotine Salt

If you’re crossing over from cigarettes you’re going to need something with strong enough nicotine levels to satisfy your cravings. It's best to start with e-Liquids. if it's still not strong enough, you can switch to nicotine salts. It's important to look at your product labels to ensure that what you’re buying contains what you need. We recommend you start off with 3-6mg if you are trying to quit cigarettes and see where that falls for you. Some people stay at 6mg until they drop down to 0mg and some smokers start at 12mg or even 18mg. E-Liquids go up to 36mg. Nicotine Salts can go up to 100mg, which is not for the inexperienced.

Expand Your Horizons with Different Flavors

There are countless types, flavors, and brands of e-liquid for you to choose from, so don’t limit yourself. Half the fun of vaping is picking out your own personal flavor and upgrading it. You can start by doing research on what is available on the market and then narrow down what vape juices work with your vaporizer. Nicotine salts cannot be used on sub-ohm vapes.

Set a Date!

Once you have everything you need to cleanse your lungs and change from smoking to vaping, it’s time to set a date and stick with it. Don’t give up before you get started, instead pick a time on the calendar where it will be conducive for you to start vaping and stick with it. You may need to smoke while you vape, but don’t worry about that too much. Over time you’ll get used to vaping and eventually even prefer it to traditional cigarettes.

Keep Tabs on How Much Money You Are Saving

One of the biggest motivators for smokers is seeing how much money they save vaping. Cigarettes are extremely expensive, and with additional taxes stacked on top of them they become nearly unaffordable. Fortunately, vaping is far less expensive and will keep your money where it belongs: in your bank account.

Reach Out For Support When Necessary

Remember that you are not Superman, and you may at times need external support to keep yourself motivated. This can easily be achieved by focusing your energy on how others have succeeded by going down the same path you are now on. There are so many vaping communities available online for you to join that it would be a waste not to do so. The people who make up these forums will encourage you to stay strong and press on.


Many people start and realize that in the beginning vapes just are not working. If they did not work, you would not see so many success stories and testimonials. People have been trying it for months and months. You need to realize it’s a process that will happen slowly if you stayed focused.

With an estimated number of 443,000 people dying every year from cigarettes alone in the United States, it has been said that its the leading most causing of diseases. It is also considered one of the most preventable. Follow these tips to make sure you quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping for your new years resolution!

Conclusion on Electronic Cigarettes

At the current time, hundreds of thousands of smokers have made the leap to electronic cigarettes. There are many flavors of E-Liquids but it’s highly unlikely that a smoker is going to be able to simulate the smoker’s experience with an E-Cig because vaping is very different from smoking. E-Cigs have a tendency to taste more aromatic which is great because while smoking has a tendency to diminish the sense of smell, E-Cigs can actually enhance it.

Don’t let scare tactics get to you, E-Cig’s are safe, so discover what they can do you for your body by trying them out. You might just be surprised at the results.

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