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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Vibes Rolling Papers

When RAW rolling papers first came out, they were a no-name brand just like any other company. They soon became the biggest brand around that all smokers associated with. Vibes rolling paper is guaranteed to be the next big thing in the smoking industry. Whether you love to roll up a cigarette or even fill up a cone with ground herb, Vibes is the perfect gift.

What are Vibes?

Vibes papers are the next hottest company. If you're familiar with cookies or Berner the rapper from the Bay Area, you will have heard of Vibes. Cookies and Berner are only associated with the biggest names in the industry. This is because of quality. 

Vibes rolling papers have the same idea, keeping it quality over quantity. Unlike other paper companies, Vibes isn't married to one idea. They want to give the consumer different options from sizes to materials they're smoking from. They come in king size and 1 1/4" size. All the papers are chlorine-free and equipped with Arabic gum as a seal

At the end of the day, regardless of the size or material, you will continue to get the same features. They will all give you a smooth burn, keeping all sessions super smooth. Each paper is made to prevent runs and the pre-rolled cones have a proprietary airflow. Vibes also makes sure you get a very limited amount of paper smoke.

How It's Made?

Vibes papers come in different forms but they are made and fitted from the same place over and over for that consistent quality. Each paper is cultivated in France. Like most other quality paper companies, they generally come from that area. They're also knitted and fitted in Dominican Republican.


If you like options, you're in luck. There are three different materials you can choose to smoke with, regardless of the size.


Some companies prefer to use rice paper because of the thinness of the paper. Rice paper usually burns slower than hemp. This not only means you can smoke longer but you will get less paper smoke from the thin paper. You will also get the true flavor of your dry herbs burning, which gives it a better taste.


Ultra thin rolling papers make it easier to smoke. Your lungs don't fill up with as much smoke because it's thin. This is the reason why you get such a smaller amount of paper smoke. This translates to a full flavor experience.


Hemp papers are one of the most popular types. Regardless if its for rolling papers or rolling wraps, they are great. Hemp is usually naturally organic and vegan. It burns slow.