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Billionaire Hemp Wraps


If it wasn't luxurious, you wouldn't be calling it Billionaire Hemp Wraps. Not every wrap is made the same. Some of them contain additives or tobacco. 

Billionaire Hemp Wraps

Smoking with Billionaire Hemp Wraps will put you in the right mood. These luxurious blunts wraps are made from 100% hemp which gives you the ultimate smoking sensation. None of them contain nicotine or additives which gives you a natural care free smoking session. One of the reasons smokers prefer these is because of its smooth, even and slow-burning experience. 

Unlike most wraps, these are flavored wraps that have a strong smell of the flavor rather than the unpleasant ones some can have, Each pack comes with 2 wraps including a packing straw. The whole display box contains 25 packs making it 50 total wraps. The pack it comes in is also resealable which makes it perfect to save and smoke later.


There are 8 total flavors from the Billionaire Hemp Wraps to choose from. Each one boasts a special taste with a special unique smell that will be distinguishable from the herbs you're smoking. Every flavor feels like a rich and smooth feel.

  • Ballin Blueberry
  • Majestic Grape
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Milli Mango
  • Russian Cream
  • Natural
  • OGK
  • Sweet Stacks

Luxury Blunt Wraps

If you want to smoke like the rich and live a lavish lifestyle, start it with Billionaire Hemp Wraps.  These will make you feel like you're part of the Big B club before you even get there!