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Dabbers & Carb Caps

Dabbers & Carb Caps Wholesale Distributor Store, Dabbers Tool Wholesale Price

If you're a dab rig enthusiast, you are most likely using a dabber. If not, you're using something inefficient to dab your wax onto the hot nail. A dabber for wax is going to be the perfect accessory needed when using your concentrates. 

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What is a Dabber?

A dabber is a sharp and usually long dabbing tools that is used to scoop up your wax and put it on the nail or banger. The dabber for wax is usually made from quartz to be heat resistant. Since it will be applied to the nail which is really hot, you don't want the heat to radiate to your fingers like a titanium dabber would. 

When you are done heating up your dabber, there is generally a carb cap on the other side. Flip it around and cover the top of your banger.

What are Carb Caps?

A carb cap is usually round and just big enough to cover the top of your banger. By covering the top, you restrict airflow. This lets you make your smoke more efficient. 

Cool dabbers for wax and carb caps for bangers come in different novelty designs and art-themes. 

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