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Vape Tanks

One of the most important parts of a vape pen is the tank. Whether you want the best vaping experience or simply an easier one, this is one of the most important accessories that can change your vapor quality. 

What is a Vape Tank?

A vape tank is a tank that is used to store the vapes material in it, whether it's for oils, liquids or concentrates. It is the top part that connects to the battery. They are either connected through a thread connection or magnetic connection. Although there are different varieties, they do come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it's because of a certain feature or the capacity of the material it holds, you can get them in various sizes. 

Vape tanks usually consist of coils which are generally replacement when it's burnt out. There will be a noticeable decrease in vapor quality when it's time to replace it.


There are many features to check out in a vape tank. Not all of them are created equal so you usually won't get the same quality or performance from two different tanks.

510 Thread

510 thread connections are the type of connection a vape pen has. There are several different types of threading but the most popular is 510 thread. This is almost universal. You can purchase a 510 thread battery or tank and expect pretty much most other parts will fit it.


Glass or Pyrex is the best material around your vaporizer tank. Glass has a high temperature point meaning it can withstand a lot. It can also make sure your flavors or liquids are unadulterated as glass won't affect your vapor quality.


Coils are a part of the whole atomizer and tank. Coils are exactly what heats up the oil or liquid in your tank. The tank is there to hold the liquid all together along with the coil in it.

The coil can differ from strength and performance which ultimately decides on the quality of vapor. Depending on the type of atomizer, you might either have to dispose of the whole thing or replace the coil.


Capacity is super important. You don't want a vape tank with a big capacity if you don't vape too often. This can make the oil sit around for too long. If you vape often, you don't want a small tank size that is going to have you refilling often.

Airflow Slot

An airflow slot is very important on a vape tank. You want to be able too vent the unused vapor out instead of leaving it in. It also helps with being able to draw air in with your vapor to help get a better cloud vapor.

Types of Tanks

There are many tanks for vaporizer pens out there and the reasons can vary. Some people may use it for e-liquid or e-juice. Other vapers might use it for concentrates while others like to use sub-ohm tanks. Regardless, there is a vape tank for everyone.


e-Cig tanks are usually the most common. They were one of the first versions and has been improving ever since. They are usually 510 thread eGo style batteries. They have a cylindrical shape. They can be very basic without the adjustable airflow. 


Oil is becoming the most popular type of tank these days and there are so many different kinds. They vary in resistance and this can help with the vapor quality or performance. 


A wax tank is perfect for all types of waxes, concentrates or dabs. Simply use your dabber to put a bit of wax onto the coil of the atomizer. You can generally use these on many batteries.


A sub-ohm tank is the most sought after vape accessories for cloud chasers. There are a plethora of different types of sub ohm tanks. There is also a wide variety of different types that either have different types of coils or different capacity for your liquid oils.