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Herb Grinders, Weed Grinders Wholesale Price

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Vapor quality is basically the most important part of a vaping experience, and the type of dry herb vaporizer doesn’t solely determine the quality of vapor production. The texture of the herbs used during a session also plays a vital role. Some vapers use their fingers or successor to break their dry herbs before loading them into the vaporizers, but an herbal grinder is needed to get the right texture for tasteful and powerful vaping session.

Weed grinders come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. And while they can be a very helpful tool to vapers and smokers, only a few know how to use them effectively. This article, however, will reveal what tobacco grinders are, how they work, and what to consider before you buy one. Whether you’re looking for a simple 2-part or 4-part with multiple chambers and screens, we have it all.

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 What is a Herb Grinder?

Tobacco grinders are devices that are designed to cut, chop, and grind dry herbs. A cheap herb grinder will help to shred the dry herb into a finely ground texture before use. It usually has at least two halves with sharp teeth for crushing the herbs.

A weed grinder is more convenient and faster to use than scissors or fingers which might lead to waste of herbs possibly cause plant materials to stick to your fingers while shredding herbs.

It can also be used for storing ground dry herbs when not ready for use. This storage chambers help to prevent the herbs from too much exposure to oxygen. This gives more potent hits as the herbs will burn less before inhaling.

Types Of Grinders

Acrylic Grinder

This type of herbal grinders are usually small in size and are lightweight. They are the cheapest in the market and are not suitable for regular use because they made of plastic or acrylic materials. So they are basically not designed for heavy vapers. Always go for acrylic grinders that are free from toxic like Phthalates.

Metal Grinder

Metal herbal grinders are typically made from aluminum while some are made from titanium. They last longer than any other type available on the market. They are lightweight and easy to clean which make it convenient for regular vapers.

Wooden Grinder

The wooden weed grinders are made from quality wood and trees. They are not as expensive as the metal ones. They can also be very efficient in shredding herbs. Wooden units should be handled with care because they are not as strong as the metal ones. If you prefer using wooden grinders, then go for one that has an unfinished interior.

Electric Herbal Grinder

Unlike the other types, electric ones require a source of power for operation. It is very effective and much faster than manual grinders. It saves the stress of twisting the compartments pieces.

2 Part Grinders

The 2-part has just two halves - the top and the bottom with sharp teeth for grinding herbs. They are the most affordable and easiest one to use. They are convenient to carry about, but they lack adequate storage facility, so it becomes difficult to store your herbs.

4 Part Grinders

Since it's called a 4-part, it obviously has more compartment than a 2-piece. A 4-part consists of four chambers - two top chambers and two down chambers. It is easy to use, has more storage space, and produces a finer texture of ground herbs. However, it is quite a task to handle while on the go.

How To Use A Grinder

Open the upper piece and place the herbs in the second piece.

Put back the upper part and make sure it fits in properly, and then give a good twist and turn. Unscrew the grater to open the third compartment where you will find the ground herb.

Scrap out the finely ground herbs into your vaporize, and enjoy a great vaping session.

Do I Really Need It?

Weed grinders are a smoker’s best friend, next to their favorite herbal products

Breaking or cutting your herb by hand leads to plant particles sticking to your fingers, scissors, knife, etc. Plus, grinding by hand exposes it to oxygen, lowering its potency. This all means you’re losing out on material every time you roll or pack your own piece.

Cheap herb grinders, on the other hand, keep all of your ground material inside the chamber, so you don’t lose anything. It all stays inside the chambers until you’re ready to smoke. Because they can break up material more evenly, they also make smoking a little bit smoother, too. They can also be used for short-term storage depending on how much you grind.

And if you’re thinking about using a dry herb vaporizer, try a 2-part grinder. These types of vapes need really finely-ground material so they can work as smoothly as possible.

We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect herb grinder! So, check out our collection and hit is up if you have any questions.

What To Consider

  • Price
  • Manual or electric
  • Size and capacity
  • Quality
  • Maintenance

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