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In today’s world, finding a vape that will allow you to enjoy your e-liquids and oil concentrates is not difficult. After all, there are plenty of cheap, disposable options that you can find in almost every in-person and online vape store. If, on the other hand, you are looking to get the best experience possible, not every vape device is going to do your concentrates justice. One great product to turn to if you want to make sure that every session is high-quality are those offered by CCell. If you are have seen these products and are interested in purchasing one from their line, let’s take a closer look at what these vapes are and what they have to offer!

What Is CCell?

CCell is a leading technology brand with a focus on creating standard-setting vaping hardware products and advancing vaporizing technology. CCell distinguishes itself by utilizing new technologies to break away from traditional vape models and provide an even better vape experience. But what exactly makes CCell so different from other products you may have considered purchasing? 

CCell Cartridges

The ease-of-use that this provide is arguably one of the biggest benefits that you receive from these vaporizers. Rather than having an entire unit, CCell provides you with the vaporizer (which is a standalone battery) and a cartridge, which is placed into the CCell battery. All you have to do is grab your cartridge and go. 

CCell Vaporizers/Batteries

As was explained above, the CCell vaporizer is the battery itself. While most of the attention is placed on the cartridge technology, CCell batteries have their own benefits, such as being compact and discreet and having enough juice to last for hundreds of hits. If you want a device that is both portable and easy-to-use, CCell products are certainly one great way to achieve your goal. 


Based on the brief descriptions so far, you may be asking yourself, why would I choose CCell over other vape products? Doesn’t CCell provide me with the same experience that I would receive from most other vape products? Well, not exactly. The reason why CCell is different from other vapes lies in how it heats up your oil concentrates. 

Ceramic Heating Element 

Most vape products will use wick-based technology to vape your substances. The problem? It takes some time to get these products going and more often than not, oils can get burnt or tastes may be inconsistent. CCell solves this problem by using ceramic heating elements that provide users with consistent performance, an immediate response from their product, and pure flavor untouched by burnt wicks. If you want to make sure that each draw you have is great, CCell can provide you with a unique experience that you may not receive from similar offerings. 

Fake vs Authentic CCell 

The biggest problem in the vape industry is fake vape devices. This is especially true for vape devices that use cartridges that can be copied and sold as the same products. The good news? There are ways to tell real CCell cartridges apart from fake ones. This includes:

  • Looking for engraved logos such as the distributor mark, the logo, and the serial number, all of which will be featured on the bottom of your cartridge. 
  • The serial number will begin with A, C, L, M, or CA and will be followed by several numbers. If the serial number is gone or does not begin with these letters, chances are that you have purchased a counterfeit cartridge. 
  • There are four inlet holes (holes designed to absorb bring from the reservoir into the atomizer) around the base of the cartridge on the inside and two on the 510 thread on the outside of the cartridge. If there are less than or more than this exact amount, it is a counterfeit. 
  • There will be multiple silicone rings on the cartridge, although this will vary depending upon the type of cartridge that you purchase (which means that you will have to pay close attention to these other elements on this list as well). 

In addition to the cartridges, you can also make sure that your device is not counterfeit by looking for identifying marks like serial numbers and logos. Always purchase from trusted vendors and pay attention to the packaging to ensure that it has not been opened or recreated to look like the original. 

While most affordable vapes are designed to provide the bare minimum, CCell products build upon the vaping experience by providing you with convenience and improved technologies. If you are considering purchasing a CCell product for yourself, use the guide above to learn more about how CCell products function and how you can make sure that you purchase an authentic product for personal use.