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Ashtray Glass Cigar, Ashtray Cigarette Wholesale Price

The only time you won't need an ashtray is in a smokeless society but that will probably never happen. Regardless if you're smoking a cigar or a cigarette, you will need an ash tray to either put it out and leave the butt in there or just ash your smokes.

What is an Ashtray?

An ashtray is a dish like object with a curve towards to middle which is used to ash your cigarettes or cigars. You can also put your cigarettes out on it. Ashtrays are always made from fire-proof materials like glass, ceramic, metal, stone,heat-resistant silicone or plastic and much more. 

People also use ashtrays as a holder. If someone needs to use both hands to greet someone or do something, they can put their lit smoke on the tray in the meanwhile. When you go out to a lounge or a bar, you sometimes see an ashtray on the table. That's almost a universal sign that the property allows you to smoke there.


There are many features you can find in ashtrays. You can actually get them for different reasons. Some people like the old school cool ashtrays that are vintage. Usually glass, crystal or quartz are the best. They look really nice and classy. 

Different Types:

Just like there are multiple features, there are different types too.

Cigar Ashtray

 A cigar or cigarette ashtray is generally pretty concave and can go deep. The deeper the edges are the more room for you to ash it out. Some are not deep but are bigger overall. These are the widest varieties you can find and they come in many different forms. If you want one for indoors or just on a table, a simple one will work fine.

Outdoor Ashtray

Outdoor ashtrays are usually long and stand up vertical. They are generally up to your hips so you can ash it out without bending over. You can sometimes ash it out and press a button to release the cigarette into the trap.

Car Ashtray

There aren't a whole lot of different car ashtrays since cars already come with them but these are usually wind proof. There is a flap on top where you can ash onto. The flap helps stop the wind from blowing your ashes all around. Some of them are so small, you can put it in your pocket.