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Shine Papers


There are moments that call for exquisite rolling papers in order to make joints that match the occasion. These types of moments are best matched by Shine papers. Let’s take a closer look at these famous joint papers.

What are Shine Rolling Papers?

Shine rolling papers are papers that feature 24k gold cones or papers on the outside of its products. Unlike many other competitors, Shine papers are the first joint papers to feature 24k gold wraps and they are often the go to papers for celebrities and those who want to look cool when they are smoking their joints. In addition to their shiny look, these gold rolling papers also burn slower than most joint papers, making for a memorable joint smoking experience.

What are They Made From?

Shine rolling papers are made from rolling papers that feature a hemp-based blend that is then coated with 24k gold rolling papers that is also edible. Beyond that, little else is known about the actual process of making Shine papers and it will most likely remain that way to protect the brand.

Is It Safe to Smoke With Shine Gold Rolling Papers?

This question is a common one with those who are planning on using Shine gold rolling papers to create their joints. It is also one that many have had issues answering. Regarding smoking in general, the smoke that is produced by combustion is definitely not safe for your health, regardless of the gold added to the joint paper.

Luxury cigarettes were all the rage and now this type of trend is moving onto joints. If you are trying to improve the look of your joints and impress the people around you, Shine rolling papers are definitely one product that you should look into to give you a unique joint smoking experience that only gold wrapped papers could provide.

Regarding the gold coating that is on the Shine papers, there are conflicting statements being made. The company has stated that there are no adverse effects and that none of the gold on the joint are inhaled. They then follow that up with an experiment that was conducted using gold. 

24K Gold Rolling Papers Wholesale

If you want to buy wholesale gold rolling papers, Shine papers would be your best bet. Shine papers in wholesale prices are not only the best prices but you get more inventory for less. Don't miss out on being a distributor, wholesaler or even a retailer for 24k Shine gold papers.

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