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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814


Digital Herb Scale Wholesale Price

At Smoke Tokes, we carry a huge selection of the best digital herbal scales on the market so you’re always ready and able to measure out your dry herbs quickly, easily, and with precision. 

Best Digital Herb Scale, Dry Herb Scale For Sale Near Me

A quality herb scale is an essential item for dispensaries or for individual users who prefer to enjoy precise measurements like in grams and ounces. When you want to weigh anything, a mini weight scale that is accurate can help you. 

A quality weed scale is durable and precise with accuracy. You can use specific calibration weights to calibrate it correctly if needed too. You can use them to measure recipes, herbs, medications, cosmetics and much more. 

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Things To Consider When Buying a Weed Scale

When you want to purchase a digital pocket scale, you want to make sure it has some functionalities and features. Making sure you can weigh in grams, ounces and possibly pounds is really important. Price also makes a big difference, especially for smaller ones.


When you buy a scale, you buy it with some items you want to weigh in mind. This means you should be ready to know what they will be weighed in. For example, a paper clip and a dollar bill will both weigh one gram. This means you want to make sure your digital pocket scales are all fine tuned and precise to pick this up.

Weed scales are measured in different measures:

  • gram (g)
  • ounce (oz.)
  • troy ounces (ozt.)
  • diamond weight total (dwt.)
  • Pounds (lbs.)
  • Kilograms (KG) 


While some people buy scales as a dispensary product, others use it for herbs, spices and even jewelry. Diamond, gold, silver and other jewelry are very popular for being used with scales. This is a big reason why you need an accurate and the best digital pocket scale. 

If you want to use it for food or fruit, you will want to look into a kitchen scale. Kitchen scales are bigger than the usual pocket scales but they also weigh bigger measurements.


Prices vary a lot with these. Some mini scales that are pocket sizes can start around $3 and go upwards of $30. There are keychain hand scales that start art $1.

How to Choose the Right Digital Weed Scale?

Before you begin looking for the perfect weed scale, you want to make sure you know what you want to use it for. Some people will want to use it for personal uses while others use it for business reasons.

Personal reasons are usually something small that is weighed in grams or ounces. This is usually small spices and herbs. They measure the small measurements and and are fine tuned to pick up 0.01 grams. Kitchen scales are bigger but they can also weigh bigger items. This means they pick up more measurements like pounds and kilograms.

Businesses can also use digital scales whether its for bigger items or small. Most of them will use it for smaller items. This is because it is harder to measure your jewelry or spices more accurately. 

Quality Scales for Cheap

You don’t need to spend a fortune to own a dependable, accurate cheap herb scale. Our wholesale-focused business model allows us to keep our prices low, and we pass those savings on to you. Whether you’re running a dispensary or you’re just using one at home, having a digital pocket scale ensures pinpoint accuracy when you’re weighing any dry herb. Enjoy wholesale pricing on premium scales from trusted brands like AWS, Durascale, and Weighmax.

Wholesale Scales

When you shop at Smoke Tokes, you can also count on unbeatable service. We provide fast, affordable, and hassle-free shipping, so just order, sit back and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you ever have any questions about our products or your order, our customer service team is standing by to help. Contact us for more information about any of our herb scales.