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Pop Top Containers

How do you store your dry herbs to keep it fresh? The best way to retain the freshness is to keep it in a dark, cool, dry place that is out of the reach of children and free from light sources, dampness, and fungi like molds. Storing your buds also requires convenience that allows you to transport it quickly, process it correctly, and ultimately taking a hit. This is where pop top vials come in handy.

When you go to a dispensary, you walk out with a mylar bag or a pop top bottle with your dry herbs in it. The pop top containers are generally child resistant and sometimes smell proof.

What are Pop Top Containers?

Pop top bottles are child resistant vials that they put the patients dry herbs in. They are conveniently sized and compliant with state laws as a packaging option. They come in several different sizes. The sizes go by dram which is a a unit of mass measurement.  

Pop top containers also offer a simple yet reliable and secure means of preserving your dry herbs until you need it. Although they feature a child-resistant lid that helps prevent kids from messing with your products, adults can open and close them with ease.

These plastic storage devices are available in different color options such as blue, red, black, white, gold, etc. They also come at a budget-friendly price. The pop top vial products on our shop have been certified and they meet the required standard. The manufacturing brands use only FDA-approved plastic materials to produce the pop tops to make them safe for your health while preventing your buds from dryness.

These mmj bottles comply with state laws. They are Ceritified CPSC, meet STM standard, and made from medical grade. They are high quality and smell proof. 

How to Use a Pop Top Bottle

Using a pop top bottle is super easy. You’ll see an opening instruction displayed on top of the lid which says “squeeze sides below the cap.” You will also see an arrow directing you to where you should apply pressure.

To open the pop top, just squeeze the ribbed part on both sides of the container at the same time, and it will pop open. Once you load or remove them, push down the hinged lid until it is sealed completely.


There many benefits to using a pop top containers over baggie packaging. Here are the benefits:

Easy for Transportation

Gone are the days you would secure your dry herbs in a zip lock bag. Pop top bottles are the ideal vials to use when you want to move around with your herbs. Not only are they good for keeping them safe from being squished but it is also smell proof.


Pop top containers allow you to fully stuff in your buds into the container, leaving little or space for air that can cause your herbs to lose its flavor, therapeutic benefits, and freshness. One reason why you end up with dry or moist buds is that you use a storage container that allows air penetration. However, pop top bottles will enable you to seal the lid completely.


Top squeeze open prescription tubes are the most convenient way of storing your products. They have lightweight and can be transported easily which saves time while on the go.

Smell Proof

Another thing people usually worry about is the smell of their herbs. However, unlike many other storage methods, pop tops don’t produce odors once it's closed. Once you properly seal the lid, you won’t be able to detect the smell of your herb. This is necessary to preserve your herbs properly.

Child Proof

The best way to use dry herbs responsibly is to ensure that your kids have no access to your herbs. Since pop tops are child resistant, they are the perfect method of keeping your stash out of your children’s reach. You can safely store your herbs without worries that your playful child would mess with your stuff.

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