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Incense Holder


Burning incense, for both spiritual and non-spiritual individuals, is a great way to fill the immediate area with pleasant scents and add a sense of calm and peace to the environment. That said, burning incense can become quite messy without the right tools. Fortunately, if you plan on burning incense regularly, there are items designed to catch the falling ash and make sure that it does not coat the surface beneath. If you are looking into getting the right incense holder for your incense, let’s take a look at what these holders are and why you should consider one for your needs. 

What Are Incense Holders? 

Incense holders are products that are designed to keep your incense safely in place as it burns, making sure that it avoids burning other surfaces or getting ash over the surface located directly underneath. Put simply, if you plan on burning incense, you are going to need an incense holder. 

What Are They Made of?

The material that your incense holder is made of will depend upon the one that you choose to buy. Some common materials are stone, ceramic, metal, and thick wood. Of course, you will also need to choose one that is the best fit for your needs based on the type of incense you are burning. For example, if you are burning an incense stick, a long wooden incense holder will work to help catch the falling ash. However, if you are burning incense cones, you may instead want to find a metal tray that will withstand the heat of the material as it gets towards the bottom of the cone. Keep these things in mind as you are shopping around for your new incense holder. 


There are many benefits associated with purchasing an incense holder of your very own. Some of these benefits include: 

Cleaner Burning Experience 

Trying to burn incense without a proper incense holder can be a difficult and messy experience. Not only are you likely to get ash everywhere but if you are not careful, you can easily burn surfaces that are not designed to be subjected to the heat of incense. With the right holder, your incense will be held in place as the product catches all the ash so that you can easily empty it and prepare it for your next session. 

No Mess 

Incense seems like a great idea until you start burning it and ash starts falling everywhere. An incense holder traps this ash and makes sure that you don’t have to deal with the resulting mess. Just make sure that you purchase one that is designed to securely hold this ash and that you don’t place it near a source of strong wind (otherwise, the ash may end up blowing around the room rather than staying in place). 


Some incense holders are more complex than others. For example, most stick incense burners simply feature a slot to place your incense in. However, for more complicated types of incense, like backflow incense cones, will feature areas where the incense smoke can flow as it goes through the cone. Some incense burners may also have covers in order to protect the ash from blowing out. When you begin shopping around for an incense holder, make sure that it has all the features necessary to perform optimally for your needs. 

Different Designs and Shapes 

Incense holders are often highly personalized objects. For those who are simply looking for an object that serves its purpose, there are plain circular incense holders and long wooden incense holders that have a slot for the incense and nothing else. For those looking for something more, wooden incense holders will often feature intricate designs and shapes that make your incense more exciting to burn. However, it doesn’t just stop at wooden holders for stick incense. 

There are also exciting metal incense burners for stick incense and incense powder and resin. Because backflow incense cones are designed to release smoke that looks like water, there are tons of exciting backflow incense holders that come in the shape of rock formations or other objects where the smoke can flow down and pool at the bottom of the object. No matter what you are looking for, it is almost guaranteed that you can find an incense holder that excites you. 


Investing in an incense holder is a great way to personalize the incense burning experience and protect your surfaces against heat and ash. No matter what you may be looking for in regards to an incense holder, use the guide above to learn more about what these objects do, what types of holders exist on the market, and what considerations you may want to make when you decide to purchase one of your own.