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Stun Guns


The world is generally a good place but sometimes you need to defend yourself. If you think you might be in this situation, a stun gun is a great option. They can immobilize the attacker and give you time to run away.

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is an object that projects a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock. It is a great deterrent and shock that temporarily disables an attacker. It is meant for you to get away. Just turning one on and hearing the zapping noise is enough to stop someone's aggressive behavior. 

How They Work?

A stun gun is pretty simple in the way it works. There are prongs on the front that pulsates a bright electric current. This creates an electrical sight and sound. 

Types of Stun Guns?

There are multiple types of taser stun guns. Most of them look like a regular controller but there are so many different other discreet looking tasers.


Flashlight stun guns are discreet flashlights. They contain a long tube with a powerful LED light with them. Above the light, they have two, three or four electrical prongs that combines the electrical shocks.


These baton stun guns work very well. They are exactly like a baton but the upper outer shell has visible electrical currents it produces.

Walking Cane

A walking cane is one of the most discreet stun gun tasers. It collapses and opens up to show the electrical prongs. This can be a great tool to use if you already use a walking cane.

Pistol Grip

Stun guns with a pistol grip look like a small snub nose gun. They often come with holsters that you can carry around your waist.


Knuckle stun guns give you a great advantage not only immobilize a perpetuator but also break glass.


Mini stun gun tasers are just like regular tasers but much smaller than usual. This lets you keep it in your pocket or purse easier.