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Bob Marley

Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers Wholesale Price

We are offering best quality Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers, Bob Marley Rolling Papers King Size with wholesale price in  united states. shop online Bob Marley Rolling Paper 1 1/4 Size, King Size at online wholesale store.

Natural Pure Hemp Rolling Papers by Bob Marley!

Bob Marley papers are known in the smoke industry and becoming more popular since every wants to smoke like Bob Marley and if you are a fan of his music you can't go wrong with loving these rolling papers. Designed perfectly to have you smoking like a rasta smoke up! Made from Pure Unbleached Hemp. Now you can smoke like Bob Marley! 

Best Bob Marley Rolling Papers, Cones For Sale Near Me

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What are Bob Marley Rolling Papers? 

Bob Marley papers are designed in rolling papers & Cones. They are made from pure hemp are know to be the best papers on the market. These Papers are loved by many people that are fans of the legendary musician Bob Marley that has been a big inspiration too many people and has been an advocate of legalizing cannabis marijuana. Many people look up to him a vibe out to his music, smoking up like how Bob Marley once did. Grab a pack of Marley Rolling papers and roll up some herb. These are perfect to give as a gift or to being to a gathering of friends smoking up. Bob Marley Papers are the best. 

Bob Marley Rolling Papers Wholesale Online Shop: 

When it comes to rolling papers Smoke Tokes is the biggest distributor with all the top brands and trending brands in the market when it comes to rolling up the newest papers or wraps. Now you can find rolling papers available for wholesale to stock up your smoke shop. Don't miss out on these fast selling papers that will make your smoke shop vibe come to life with such a big variety of different size and style papers and cones by Bob Marley.

Common Questions you may ask your self is "where to find Bob Marley Rolling papers near me?" If your looking to purchase some papers you can find them at you local Smoke shop, dispensary, & sometimes at you local gas station or smoke dispensary.

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Bob Marley Rolling Paper Sizes: 

  • 1-1/4": Length - 78mm; Width - 48mm
  • King: Length - 110mm; Width - 60mm

Bob Marley Cone Sizes: 

  • 110mm Cone with 26m Filter tip
  • 83mm Cone with 26 Filter tip

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