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If you want a jar to keep all your dry herbs in it, Medtainers are the best jar. Whether you need to grind your herbs or even store your dry herbs in a jar, they are perfect.

What is a Medtainer?

The Medtainer is the first ever air-tight, smell-proof, and water proof medical grade dry herb jar container. It's not just a storage jar but it doubles as a grinder. The bottom has a built-in grinder that you can use to break down and grind your herbs.

The Medtainer serves multiple purposes. They are one of the best in the industry. They stand at 4" tall. 

Is the Medtainer Smell Proof

The Medtainer is smell proof and not only that, it is also air tight (which makes it smell proof) and even water proof. Expect nothing to get in or out once you lock it in place.

How Do You Clean it?

Cleaning the medtain is just as simple as cleaning any other storage jar. You can use a small brush or even a sharp tooth dabber to get the small tiny ground up herb out of the creases on the corner.