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What are Incense?

The term incense applies to a wide range of organic materials that when burned or combusted, produce a pleasant and often unique aroma depending on the specific material used. Incense is made to be used with a wide variety of applications spanning from religious rituals to meditation or even aromatherapy. It is quite a versatile tool. In addition, one of its most common uses is to help mask unpleasant or unwanted odors in the area.

What is Incense Made Of?

There are different types of incenses from solid to liquid forms. 


Incense sticks are one of the most common forms. They are generally made from natural materials and bamboo sticks. There is a paste on it which is generally sawdust (from machilus wood) or charcoal dust along with some gum powder. The incense sticks are then coated with fragrance oil.


More commonly known as essential oils, these are also used in aromatherapy. They are often substituted or used in conjunction with incense. Essential oils are derived from a large selection of plant extracts. Lemon, chamomile, jasmine, rose, and lavender extracts are just a few of the more commonly known and used essential oils. With over 90 types of oils with their own benefits and unique aromas. It's definitely not a bad idea to read up on what some of these can offer to improve your quality of life.

Air Fresheners

In general, the term “air freshener” can be used to refer to a long list of synthetic or organic compounds that emit a specific type of fragrance. Unlike incense or essential oils, air fresheners are often limited in their applications. This is most often used as a common household tool to help mask unpleasant odors. The Nag Champa smoke spray is a very popular one.

While most air fresheners come in the form of aerosol sprays, it's often recommended to purchase and use non-aerosol based products. They can have a negative effect on the ozone layer as well to aerosol spray cans tendency to trigger allergies or asthma attacks in specific individuals. More recent developments in air freshener technology have shifted towards heat-release products or scented candles as these have minimal impact on the environment compared to their aerosol spray counterparts.

How to Mask the Smell of Smoke?

One of the most common applications of incense, air fresheners, or essential oils is to help mask the smell of smoke. If you smoke indoors, using any of these three within an incense holder will definitely help cover up the distinct odor of smoke. Indoor tobacco smokers might not achieve the same level of results due to how the tar from tobacco smoke tends to stick to drywall or furniture. The best solution to this is to increase airflow indoors by opening up doors or windows to help eliminate the odor completely.

Regardless of what type of odor you're trying to get rid off, its recommended to use a continuous release type of fragrance like the oils or sticks. The use of these are much more effective at diffusing their fragrances throughout a space compared to the short yet intense bursts of fragrances delivered by spray cans. Burning incense or using reed sticks are often the most inexpensive yet effective methods to help mask an odor within a room over an extended period of time.

How to Use?

Burning incense is pretty simple. All you'll need is some incense (naturally) and a lighter to burn it. Depending on the shape or form of the incense, you also might require a receptacle to hold it in place.

Thanks to their straightforward use, incense sticks are often regarded to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to revitalize the fragrance of an indoor space.

When it comes to essential oils, more often than not you'll need a diffuser to help atomize the oils and spread them throughout a room. While this does necessitate additional cost, essential oils are sometimes preferred to incense due to their relatively milder and more pleasant aromas.