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Suorin Edge Vape Kit

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Suorin Edge Vape Kit, Suorin Vape Edge Pod Cartridge Wholesale Store

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  • Refillable 1.5mL Pod Capacity
  • Rechargeable 230mAh BAttery
  • Fully Charges in 30 minutes
  • 10W Output
  • USB-C port for super quick charging

*Pod Not Included* - Purchase Suorin Edge Pod Here. 

 WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Edge Vape Kit, Suorin Edge Pod Cartridge For Sale Near Me

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The Suorin Edge is a one of a kind pod starter kit. It is one of the only ones that features a battery sleeve with two batteries. It comes with a 230mAh battery that gives 10W of power.

Considered one of the smallest pod vapes, it can be vaped in discreet and put away very easy. It's usage is super easy too. It has an ergonomic design that easily wraps your hand around it. 

The Suorin Edge vape comes with a child proof lock on the side. Click the lock to lock it and the unlock to unlock it. The removable battery is on the bottom of that sleeve. There is also a leaked proof design on the pod. 

The Suorin Edge is one of the most innovative vapes in the world. Just like the name implies, the Suorin Edge vaporizer has the edge over both the Suorin Vagon and Suorin Drop. The device offers a great deal of portability and can handle all day vaping. The Edge is also easy to use, has a friendly and sexy appearance, and delivers quality performance. Let’s take a good look at this new pod mod and its incredible features. 


The Edge vape by Suorin is a flat, sleek and ultra-compact unit. It features a removable battery, which allows you to own multiple batteries, making it possible to switch from an empty to a fully charged battery. The device helps to improve your discreetness as it can fit into your pocket or bag without creating a bulge on your pants. The unit is only 100 ml tall, 23ml wide, and weighs 26 grams. It is available in 6 different color options including gold, red, and black. 

Build Quality

Suorin Edge is not a full pod kit; it’s actually more of a mod style of pod system. It doesn’t come with a pod cartridge, so you have to purchase it separately. The Edge has a metal chassis body which can survive a drop.

It comes with two removable 230mAh batteries, which feature a USB type-C charging port for fast charging. The battery takes only 30 minutes to reach a full charge. The USB-C is not like the regular micro USB cables and can be found in new electronic devices nowadays. The battery goes to one end of the metal case, while the cartridge goes to the other end. Both the battery and refillable pod are held together to the magnetic system. Once the battery is inserted, the LCD light around the battery will red, blue, or green, which also acts as the battery indicator. Red light means it’s time to charge, blue means the battery is below 50% while green represents 50% to 100%. 

Vapor Quality

The compact Suorin Edge Vape kit is a beast. It brings out the best from your vape liquids by producing thick and potent hits. The Edge can hold up to 1.5ml e-liquid. It features a draw activating system and wire vaping.

How to Use the Suorin Edge Vaporizer

Ensure that your battery is fully charged. You can fill your pod from the side by lifting the rubber tab. After filling the pod for the first time, let it sit for about 5 minutes (this will prevent dry burning). Once your battery and pod are ready, place each at the appropriate end of the unit case. Use the on/off button at the side to power the device with five quick clicks and take a hit. 


The strength of the Edge pod system from Suorin is its convenience and portability. The device is so small and sleek that one wouldn’t know you’re holding a vaping device. The idea of removable batteries, replacement cartridges, and a metal case are a plus and will help extend your vaping session as well as the lifespan of your unit. Both the Suorin Edge unit and the replacement pods come at budget-friendly prices when you consider the discreteness and performance. 

Suorin Edge Includes:

  • 1 x Suorin Edge Pod Mod System
  • 2 x Suorin Edge Battery
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • User Manual