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Suorin Vagon Pods (Pack of 2)

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The Suorin Vagon pod is 105mm by 20mm by 15mm. It weighs only 56 grams and comes with a 2 ml juice capacity. 

Unlike most other pod systems today, the Suorin Vagon is uniquely designed for a great vaping experience.

 WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • Fillable pod system
  • Organic cotton
  • Horizontal coil atomizer
  • 2.0ml e-liquid capacity
  • 1.3-1.4ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • Gold-plated connection
  • V-shaped LED lights
  • Manufacturer: Foxconn
  • Body: Pod
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Wattage: 12W


Replacement Pod Cartridge

This type of replacement pod cartridge is compatible with the Suorin Vagon. Replacement pod cartridge can be refilled and it can take any juice you love to use, whether vaped with salt nicotine or regular e-liquids. It can hold up to 2.0 ml of your juice. Once you fill the pod with the e-liquid, it's easy to insert it back into your Suorin Vagon device.

The Suorin features a silicone membrane near the automatic switch which helps to reduce the chances of juice leaking out of your pod. This membrane also helps to maximize airflow and the flavor of the vapor.

There is a resistance of the coil inside the pod just opposite the fill port which is 1.3-1.4 ohm. This horizontal coil system keeps the flavor smooth, rich, and tasteful for consistent vaping. Organic cotton prevents awful-tasting dry hits that could ruin a good vaping session.

How To Use the Suorin Vagon Pod

Using the Suorin Vagon for the first time is straightforward. All you need do is to remove the pod from the Suorin vaporizer by pulling it up. Fill up your preferred juice and attach into the battery.  Remember to take out the plastic film protector at the bottom of the so that the metal contacts can connect to the battery.

After filling it up, you should leave it for about 5-10 minutes so that the wick can saturate with the e-liquid before you start taking hits.