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Tips and Filter

When you're rolling up a cigarette, you want to make sure it's not flimsy. 

What are Filter Tips?

A filter tip is great to put in your hand-rolled cigarette. Not only will it help you grasp it in your fingers but it makes it much more sturdy. It can help it not break apart. One of the biggest reasons people love to use a joint filter tip while smoking is because it stops herbs or tobacco from getting into your mouth. These high quality tips are big enough to not trap any active ingredients in the smoke. It still gives you enough room to hold it and finish your cigarette without burning your fingers or lips. 


The biggest benefit to a tip joint filter is not getting herbs or tobacco in your mouth along with being able to hold it without using a clip. You can finally finish your whole cigarette without having to use your finger nails.

There are also some joint tips that come with a spiral interior. This usually causes a draft of air which gives you a bigger hit. 

Different Types

Although you may be using a business card or piece of paper for a crutch, your better off using something that's sturdy. This will help the entire composition of your cigarette.


Glass filter tips are the most popular. They're definitely the cleanest way to use it too. You don't have to worry about heating up or burning paper. You can also clean it after each use because they can get clogged up with residue. Glass tips for smoking can also come with specific interior designs which vortex the smoke out.


A paper or cardboard is another option people use for filters. These are usually placed in side rolling paper booklet packs which makes it easy to roll up. You have everything but the herbs and lighter in one. The thick paper tips are usually already used in pre-rolled cones.


Although it's not the most popular form, Ceramic tips are also used in rolling papers. Most will opt out of ceramic tips because they heat up quick. It can burn your lips if you're taking a long time to smoke your cigarette.