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Rolling Papers

Despite the advent of technologically advanced devices like electronic herb vaporizers and fancy dab rigs, rolling papers have always played a large part in smoking history. They are one of the most convenient ways to split up a gram between a small or large group. The art of rolling up will always be a deep-rooted tradition in herb culture that many won't be likely to forget.

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers were initially sold as a way for tobacco purists to roll their own homemade cigarettes. These papers quickly took over as one of the de facto methods for smoking herbs or tobacco. Using a pipe or bong requires a relatively lower learning curve compared to rolling papers. However, papers are better because of their portability and discreetness when looking to taking your session outside the house.

Like many things herb-related, these papers also come in a variety of sizes that you probably want to get familiar with. Here's a quick rundown on the most common sizes you're likely to find in your nearest head shop.


There are many joint papers that can be used to roll up. Not everyone rolls up the same amount so having different sizes of rolling paper can really make a big difference in your smoke efficiency.


As you might have guessed from the name, singles or single wides are ideal when rolling up for one. Unless you're a really heavy smoker, a single is definitely going to be perfect if you're smoking solo. If you're sharing your dry herbs, it might be best to consider larger options.

1 ¼"

One of the most popular and widely used sizes are sized at 1 ¼ inches, these leaves closely resemble the dimensions of a standard tobacco cigarette paper which can be ideal for smoking dry herbs on the down-low. Their larger size and capacity to hold more herbs make them an ideal choice for sharing at parties or even longer solo sessions.

1 ½"

Perfect for those looking to properly smoke, 1 ½ inch papers produce an impressively sized roll considerably larger than your typical cigarette rolling paper. Best suited for sharing within a small group, a roll this size is more than enough for 4 herbal veterans to have a good time.


Doube sized cigarette rolling papers are ideal for those who are new and just getting into the art of rolling. Double-wide papers give newbies a little more paper to work with and henceforth are easier to use than smaller cigarette papers such as the 1½ leaf. The downside to using these are they tend to produce a looser inhale when rolled up and don't provide a good paper to herb ratio.


Best used in large groups or parties, king-sized rolling papers are designed to hold a lot of herb and can thus easily supply a good amount of THC to groups of 5 or more. These tend to produce the loosest sensation when smoked when compared to the tighter pull of singles but are also the easiest to work with considering they're the largest of the bunch.

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Wholesale Rolling Papers

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Keep on Rolling

Rolling papers are the ultimate portable smoking accessories. They’re ultra-thin and can easily fit in your pocket or stash can if you’re on-the-go. Rolling doesn’t take long, and clean-up is minimal.

Stock up on your favorite rolling papers. We carry great accessories and supplies from trusted brands like RAW, including filters, cone fillers, wooden double and triple barrels, trays, and even automatic boxes that do the rolling for you!

If you’re not sure which rolling papers or cones are right for you, or if you have some questions, hit us up online and we’ll be happy to help you out!