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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Puffco Peak & Accessories

One of the fastest rise to fame of any vaporizer product is the Puffco Peak. From its inception, it has been known as one of the best electronic nail oil rig. It comes in various designs and colors along with multiple different accessories to choose from.

What are Puffco Peak Accessories

Puffco Peak comes with a plethora of accessories. Some of them are replacement parts and others are used to either make your e-Rig more presentable or more efficient.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

This vape is known by so many for its pure efficiency. When it first came out, it changed the dabbing game. No more using a torch or banger. Simply put your concentrates directly on t he bowl as you light it up, close the top and inhale.


The atomizer for the Peak is very useful. It can burn out over time by being used so often. This is the perfect replacement. It is made with ceramic and does not contain any coils, glues plastic or fibers.

Ball Cap and Tether

The ball cap and tether is useful for when you want to use it as a carb. Simply hook the tether up to make sure you don't lose it and put the ball cap on top of your atomizer after you dropped it on the coil. This creates the perfect airflow.

Carb Cap and Tether

The carb cap and tether is super important. This is a hand blown borosilicate glass that increase the air velocity. It increases the efficiency and airflow. 

Colored Glass

Some people like to customize their products and luckily, the Puffco Peak has an accessory to do just that. You can buy colored glass and change the aesthetics of your dab e-Rig.

Travel Pack

If you love to travel and want to take your Puffco accessories with you, the travel pack is perfect. It comes with the tether, a backpack which is a small clip attachment that straps onto your Peak, a splash cap and an atomizer cover.

Glass Stand

Breaking your glass from your smoking or vaping accessories is super hurtful. Buying a glass stand to help it from falling over and breaking is very important. 

Ceramic Bowl

Your ceramic bowl is part of your atomizer. Your concentrate wax goes directly on the ceramic bowl. Ceramic helps keep the temperature retention along with consistent flavor profile.