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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Puffco Peak Pro

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Color: Black

Puffco Peak Pro Accessories Wholesale


  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • USB- C  Charging
  • Real-Time Temp Control
  • Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber
  • Customized LED Lights
  • 2-hour Fast Charge
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • 30 Second-heat uptime

Puffco Peak Pro Includes:

  • 1 x Puffco Peak Pro
  • 2 x Removable Ceramic Bowl
  • 1 x Carb Cap
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Cleaning Swabs

Best Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer, Vaporizer For Sale

The Puffco Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology.  For the beginner, it's the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you're looking for. 

The Puffco Peak Pro takes your concentrate experience to the highest level. This device unlocks the true potential of concentrates, providing the most flavorful, powerful, and enjoyable consumption ever. Pro results. Every time. You can use dry herb vaporizer with Puffco Peak Pro. There are some features of Puffco Peak Pro such as Bluetooth Connectivity, Wireless Charger, Auto Sleep Function etc. Puffco Peak atomizer battery life is a approx 30 session before need a recharge.

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Puffco Peak Pro Accessories Online Wholesale Shop Near Me

Puffco Peak Pro Glass is made from borosilicate glass and this glasses are percolation water filtration for best hit all time. The Puffco Peak atomizer is a like that style of thermal banger and design only for clear smooth heating. Puffco Peak atomizer is made from top quality materials for a completely safe and you can use for long time products.

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