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Clipper Lighters

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Clipper Lighters Wholesale Price

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It's no surprise that Clipper lighters are a smokers best friend. If you smoke, chances are that you probably need to use it regularly to light your herbs. We know about the traditional disposable butane lighters and the more popular Zippo.

There are a lot of other models out there that may be more suitable for your smoking needs or preferences. That other model just might be the Clipper lighter and the unique experience that the provide.

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What Are Clipper Lighters?

Clippers are lighters that are made by the Clipper brand in Barcelona, Spain. Much like other brands, these feature a unique design and look that makes them stand out from the typical lighter. They have more features and this allows you to use more tools. We have all types of clipper lighter pack like clipper lighter 10 Pack, 2 Pack, 40 Pack, 4 Pack, clipper lighter 48 Pack etc. order online at wholesale shop.

Why Are They Popular?

The tough build and unique flint design on the Clipper are one of the reasons why users may appreciate it as a whole. Their popularity is also usually attributed to the massive amount of designs and colors that are offered with this lighter brand. Because there are so many different options, it makes them highly popular and highly collectible.


Looking beyond the stylish designs of these lighters, let’s take a look at some of the features that come equipped with this lighter.

Packing Tool

The metal Clipper lighter comes with an installed packing tool that allows you to pack your tobacco or other herbs without having to get a separate accessory.


If you feel like holding onto your lighter and using it again, the Clipper is refillable. All you need is butane to refill your lighter.

Reusable and Disposable

The best part about having a reusable Clipper lighter is having one that is also disposable. If you want to keep it, you can. If you want to use it again, you can. If you want to throw it away, that’s okay too.

Replaceable Flint

In addition to the refillable lighter, there is also the option to replace your flint when it gets too worn down. This will make it a more effective lighter usage each time.

How to Refill a Clipper Lighter?

Refilling your Clipper lighter is very simple. All that is required is a butane canister and some patience. Locate the red circle at the bottom of your metal clipper lighter and the red straw at the top of your butane canister. Shake up the butane can a little and then place the red straw straight into the red circle at the bottom. Bend the canister until butane is released and wait it to fill all the way up. You will hear a gurgling when this happens.

There are a million lighter selections out there and it is important that you explore to find one that works best for you. If you are relatively new to the idea of using lighters that vary from the typical disposable models or even a long time user, consider the Clipper lighters.