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Must Have St. Patty's Day Green Goodies

Must Have St. Patty's Day Green Goodies

St. Patrick's day is an Irish holiday that's all about celebration, ushering in spring, and rolling up something green. To make sure you stay lucky and don't get pinched by a Leprechaun, I'll show you all the green charms and accessories to help you celebrate St. Patrick's day the right way. 

Must Have Green Goodies

Stash Can

Stash cans help to keep your green goods under wraps. If you want to safe guard your goods from friends and family, or worst, the "Popo" You need to invest in a stash can. Stash cans appear to be something that they are not, yea it looks like you're about to devour a delicious ice cold Arizona Green tea, but in reality the can is actually a decoy for whatever you want to conceal. Stash cans typically open from the top or the bottom and have a good amount of weight so the can appears like the actual product.



Juicy Jay's 1 1/4" Size Green Apple Rolling Paper

Rolling paper is a staple for most smokers, a necessary accessory. Many rolling papers on the market are ordinary no bang to it just bland paper. Juicy Jay's Green Apple rolling paper is anything but ordinary, it's a savory flavor of crisp green apple that wrestles your taste buds with flavor. Indulge in every puff with Juicy Jays green rolling paper.



Detoxify Green Clean

If there is too much green you'll need to clean. Detoxify Green clean is a blend of concentrated herbs, vitamins, and minerals with the scrumptious flavor of  honey tea. Detoxify Green is a concentrated liquid that helps to support the body's natural release of toxins and harmful substances and replenish vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy.



Green Glass Hand Pipe

When you run out of papers, blunts and wraps it's always handy to have a pipe. The green glass pipe is a staple for stoners on the go. It's especially handy if you're looking for a cleaner alternative to tobacco products. Glass pipes can be cleaned with a solution and then airdried for reuse. Using a glass pipe is simple, Insert your Cali green in the center, cover the hole on the side with your thumb and fire away. 


Smoke Buddy Green Eco- Friendly Personal Air Filter

Purify your air after that heavy gas. The Green Eco smoke buddy is a handy and reliable air filter. All you have to do is blow your smoke into the filter and in return you  get clean fresh air. No more stinky weed smell. The Smoke Buddy is crafted from plant based plastic so you're not only cleaning your air, you're helping the environment. 




Bang XXL Switch Disposable Duo

 If you've got a hankering for some nicotine, you'll want to try Bang XXL Switch Disposable Duo Device. The flavor includes a delightful mix of orchard fresh green and red apples and includes 6% salt nicotine to satisfy your cravings.  The Bang XXL is a one of a kind duo device featuring two flavor options. You're guaranteed up to 2,500 puffs of lasting flavor.



Raw Green Pullover Hoodie

If you want to stand out from the crowd you'll need a hoodie. Raw Green Pullover Hoodie is not your average hoodie it's Raw branded and crafted of the purest natural fibers. Keep yourself perfectly warm or showcase your personal style.



Rizla Green King Size Rolling Paper

Roll up a fat one with Rizla Green King Size Rolling paper. It's crafted of all natural rice paper with medium weight and cut corners for easy rolling. You'll get 50 booklets per display with 32 leaves per booklet. Roll away!




 There you have it folks. Oh, and remember, there is loads more where that came from. Happy St. Patrick's day, smoke green and be jolly!!

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