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Benefits of Pre-Roll Tubes

Benefits of Pre-Roll Tubes

Every smoker has a different idea and preference on how they like to smoke. Some people like to grind their herbs up and pack it in a glass smoking pipe. A water pipe provides a very smooth and strong big hit all at once, which many people love. It's rather quick and efficient.

However, there are a lot of smokers who love the traditional method and that is smoking through joints, cones or even with blunt wraps. Many people like it for its simplicity and others like it because it's much easier. There is no process to go through. Simply roll it up and smoke what is already lit.

When you are dealing with loose dry herbs or easy to break joints, it’s best to use something you can put it in. Everyone likes something else but a container or specific packaging works best.

plastic joint holder

What is a Tube Packaging for a Pre-Roll Cone?

A tube packaging used for pre-roll cones is the perfect container that is used with rolled up dry herbs. Pre-rolled cones are cone shaped joints that have been rolled up with dry herb flowers already. There is no need to get out your rolling tray and start breaking the herbs down.

How to Use it

A pre-roll tube packaging is a poly-carbonate plastic tube that is created to hold and store in a joint package. To use it, simply pop the top open. This is done by either squeezing the sides or putting pressure and flipping the top open.


A joint or pre-rolls are usually a freebie that is given when you purchase supplies from a dispensary. There are many benefits to them.

Keep it Fresh

Some people like to roll up multiple joints and herbal cigarettes to keep them prepared for later. If you like to have them ready and rolled up, a doob tube will help keep your herbs fresh. It will help it not dry up. If it gets too dry, it will burn too quick. 

Keeps the Smell Away

Dry herbs can smell. Some of them more than others. Some will not smell so much but if you smoke half of your joint at a time, then it will leave a lingering smoke smell. When you close the cap of your dube tube, you will not have to smell it again until you open it up again.

Child Proof

You always want to make sure you are keeping your herbs and smoke-able products away from children. Kids are generally curious so you want to make it harder for them to find it.

More Discrete

Keeping an open rolled up joint can be smelly. Even worse is when you have smoked it. This makes it hard to take it around with you. Stick it in a tube packaging for joints to be able to go anywhere with it while having a piece of mind.

Easy to Save for Later

    Some people cant smoke the whole thing in one go. They prefer to roll up enough to smoke some and save the rest for later. If you like to do this, your blunt container will come in handy. Save now, smoke later.

    child proof (resistant) pre-roll tube packaging

    Sizes of Cone Tube Packaging:

    Not all joints and cigar wrap blunts are created the same. You're going to have some of them be thicker while others are longer. There are multiple sizes when it comes to these tube packaging.

    • Small
    • Large
    • 98mm
    • 100m
    • 120mm

    different sizes of joint tubes

    Different Types of Tube Holder Packaging Container

    With dry herbs, there will be many different packaging containers you can use. For example, pop top bottles are used for dry herbal flowers. These help you stuff your herbs in there while giving it a good safe place to be stored. Here are the two main types of holders.


    Plastic is the most popular when used for these types of holders. They are used because they go through intense heat or temperature changes. They are also sturdy to hold some weight on them in the case something falls over. 

    The plastic is poly-carbonate plastic which means it is relatively safe to keep your joints in there. To open these, simply squeeze the sides and the top opens up. Or press on the lid to release the top.


    Glass tube packaging are usually blunt holders. You can use it for papers too but they are generally thicker and luxurious. They are used to hold blunts that are more expensive and mixed with wax. 

    To open one up, you cannot squeeze the side. Simply unscrew the top cap. Some of them come with a wooden cork you can just cork on top.

    Best Pre-Roll Tube Packaging

    Generally, they're all going to be the same. However, there are different types and some have a better name than others.

    Doob Tube

    one of the best containers for storing your pre-rolled dry herbs is the doob tube. They are small and compact. They are often made in different dull colors so they don't bring too much attention to them. This helps keep it discreet.

    A doob tube is going to be smell proof and always in plastic. They have a odor proof design while being moisture resistant. This works by being airtight. Instead of a pop-off top, it has a screw on cap.


    J-Tubes come in specific sizes like 120mm or 98mm. They generally come in cases of 600. J-tubes are the most common with the most common way of opening and closing it. Simply flip the lid with the tip sticking out. It also comes in different colors.

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