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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

SUTRA DBR Portable e-Nail Kit

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SUTRA DBR Portable e-Nail Kit Wholesale


  • Portable e-Nail Kit
  • 30 Second Warming Time
  • Maximum Temperature 800°F
  • Size: 6" Tall - 1" Wide
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Ceramic Heating Base

SUTRA Vape DBR Portable eNail Kit For Sale Near Me

If you want an e-nail that uses high quality materials and parts, the SUTRA DBR is the best portable e-nail kit. SUTRA is a very well known brand known to be making the best vapes. This e-nail is perfect to be portable because of its size at 6" tall and 1" wide. It has a ceramic heating base which is perfect if you want unadulterated flavors. However, it comes with four different nails to choose from. They range from titanium, quartz, ceramic and a new silicon carbide nail.

The DBR kit comes with a water filteration system attachment. This helps each hit taste pure and smooth without giving you a burning sensation in your throat. Another great way to make sure the heat is not up is to change the temperature. The temperature control on this is super precise.

The SUTRA DBR e-nail kit requires a rechargeable 18650 battery. No more worrying about heating up your nail to the right temperature. With an e-nail, you know you have precise temperature each time and the reliability from using a battery.


    • On/Off  5 x Quick Button Taps
    • Start Heating 3 x Quick Button Taps
    • Red Light 90Sec  Auto Run Time
    • + / -  Temp Change 
    • + / -  Simultaneously Opens Nail Selection Menu


      • 1 x SUTRA DBR
      • 1 x SUTRA DBR Carrying Case
      • 1 x Mini Recylcer Bubbler
      • 1 x Heating Base
      • 1 x 18650mAh SUTRA Vape Battery
      • 1 x Titanium Nail
      • 1 x Quartz Nail
      • 1 x Ceramic Nail
      • 1 x Silicon Carbide Nail
      • 1 x Carb Cap and Dab Tool
      • 2 x Vape Wipes
      • 1 x Charging Cable

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