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Vibe Bar

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It's not a secret that disposable vape pens are one of the hottest vapes. Everyone is going to smoke shops to buy for themselves and their friends. The wait is over for the best vape pen in the market. Vibe Bar is the newest one around.

What is Vibe Bar?

Vibe Bar has nothing but quality from its vapor taste to its nicotine strength. Each stick looks very similar to a Puff. This is because it is created by the makers of the Puff Bar

The Vibe Bar is an all in one electronic disposable vape system. It features a draw-activated firing mechanism. There are countless of flavors to go through.


Vibe Bar vape all 5% (50MG) in nicotine strength. Each box contains 10 vape sticks. Every stick contains a 280mAh battery which gives up to 300 puffs total. There is 1.3mL of nicotine salt liquid inside. Each stick measures at 4 inches in length. This is the perfect size to make sure it fits in your hands and between  your fingers. It's also the perfect weight as it weighs about 3 oz.


There are a total of 15 flavors of the Vibe Bar vape pen.

Chilled Pear - If you can take a pear and put it in the fridge then eat it, this is exactly what each hit of Chilled Pear Vibe Bar would taste like.

Cool Melon - Taking a hit of Cool Melon is the perfect mixture of menthol and melon on a summer day.

Frozen Banana - A banana taken directly out of the freezer is exactly what this Frozen Banana tastes like.

Guava Ice - Guava and menthol are a great mix in a disposable vape pen. You can taste both flavors one right after the other.

Lush Ice - Take a hit of this watermelon and menthol cool mix. It tastes almost like a watermelon that has been in the freezer for days.

Lychee Ice - Lychee is a tropical fruit  that is best paired with an icey coolness. 

Mango - Even if you don't like mango, you will love to take a hit of this through a stick of Vibe Bar.

Mixed Berries - Mixed berries is exactly like it sounds. Take all the berries and mix them together to get a hit of this.

Peach Ice - Imagine what it would taste like if a solid ripe peach was placed in the freezer and each hit was a bite.

Pina Colada - If you like Pina Coladas, the Vibe Bar vape pen will taste exactly like every sip.

Strawberry - Take a hit and fall into a ripe strawberry on a warm summer day.

Strawberry Banana - Mixing these two flavors creates a solid flavor. Take a hit and taste the ripe banana with a mix of the ripe strawberries.

Tangerine Ice - The Tangerine Ice is a great mixture of a fruit mixed with an icey coolness.

Spearmint - If you love how the spearmint gum tastes like, taking a hit of this VIbe Bar will give you the same minty taste!


Vibe Bar Wholesale

If you're a store, distributor or wholesaler, we offer Vibe Bars at wholesale prices. Whether you're looking to buy a large supply to resell to customers or to re-sell to other stores, we will offer the best price. Buying at wholesale or distribution prices gives you the opportunity to sell more of these at a better price. The more you sell, the more we can provide of Vibe Bars.