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Pollen Presses

  • Large Metal Pollen Press - Smoketokes
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    Large Metal Pollen Press

    Large Metal Pollen Press For pressing Dry Herb Metal Construction

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  • Small Metal Pollen Press - Smoketokes

    Small Metal Pollen Press

    Small Metal Pollen Press For pressing Dry Herb Metal Construction



Pollen presses present a unique alternative to concentrates or oils. They allow you to create your own homemade pressed dry herbs straight out of the accumulated pollen stored in your herb grinder.

How a Pollen Press Works

You'll need about a gram of pollen which is to be then inserted into the pollen press. After the pressure pins are inserted and you've hand tightened the press as much as humanly possible, leave the pollen press for about 8 hours. After 8 hours, opening up the press should reveal a compact, penny-sized disc which is now your own homemade creation.

Before using the pollen press, however, ensure that you've properly dried the kief by storing it in a low humidity environment for at least two weeks. After the pollen has been properly dried, you can then convert it using a pollen press.