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Hand Pipes: Ultimate Guide to Different Smoking Pipes

Hand Pipes: Ultimate Guide to Different Smoking Pipes

Smoking herbs is an activity that started centuries ago, despite the lack of sophisticated technology in the primitive era, humans have still found a way to enjoy the wonderful taste of dry herbs by using herbal pipes. Today, hand pipes are still commonly used by many smokers, and are still considered the simplest way to enjoy tobacco.

What Are Hand Pipes? 

Traditionally, a hand pipe is an ancient smoking tool designed for smoking tobacco and dry herbs. It usually has a bowl, neck, carb, and mouthpiece. Hand pipes are curvy, and the first set of pipes looked like the Sherlock Holmes style pipes. However, hand pipes have seen so much innovation; some look like spoons, some have novelty shapes, and there are some that still retain the original shapes. Although pipes are one of the simplest ways of smoking herbs, using them is technically harsher than a bong or dab rig as they lack a water filtration system. But there are some modern hand pipes such as bubblers that use water to cool off the smoke when smoking.

Hand pipes are the easiest way of smoking herbs because they don’t require any special attachment or setup. Their simplicity is what makes them stand out from other methods of smoking dry herbs. All that is required is loading your dry herb and then inhaling. Hand pipes are portable and can fit into your hands perfectly.

Pipes come in many forms, and they are made from different materials such as wood, glass, silicone, etc. We have lots of them in our store.

Glass Hand Pipes

Since they are called glass hand pipes, it means they are made out of glass materials. These pipes do not alter the taste of herbs while smoking unlike pipes made out of wood and other materials. Glass pipes are easy to use, all you need do is to load your herbs into the bowl, light it up, and inhale. Glass hand pipes do require a great deal of caution as they can easily get damaged if not handled with care.

Silicone Hand Pipes

Silicone hand pipes are a great alternative for people who fear or cannot maintain smoking glass accessories.  When you talk about durability nothing beats hand pipes made from silicone material because they will never break or shatter. If you must use a silicone hand pipe or any silicone smoking accessory, then you must only buy from trustworthy online stores like Smoke Tokes.

Wooden Hand Pipes

If you’re an old soul or you have a thing for handmade smoking tools, then a wood hand pipe is a perfect choice for you. Wood pipes are the oldest types of hand pipes around, and they are typically made out of trees like the ancient oak tree. Wood hand pipes, however, tend to have their impact on the flavor of your smoking materials.

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are highly durable, easy to maintain, and they offer convenience to smokers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, metal pipes can be an excellent choice for you. Since metal hand pipes can get extremely hot, they come with a plastic or wooden handle to prevent burn.

What Are Spoon Pipes?

Spoon pipes are the most widely known type of hand pipes in the smoking industry. Spoon pipes have four main parts which consist of the bowl, the mouthpiece, the neck, and the carb. Spoons pipes offer a discreet smoking experience, giving you the opportunity to control the amount of airflow. The name spoon pipes are derived from its spoon-like shape, and they can take any form of sophisticated designs.

A typical spoon pipe is made of glass, but you can also find spoon pipes made of other materials such as silicone and metal.

What Are Chillums?

Chillums are straight conical pipes with a straight shot from the herbal bowl to the mouthpiece. The use of chillums or one hitters for smoking dates back to the beginning of the eighteenth century, and they are usually made of clay. It originated from India before spreading to other parts of the world.  Although Chillums don’t have carbs, they can be a perfect smoking tool for vapers who love to smoke on the go, thanks to their portability.

A chillum stone if mostly used with a chillum pipe. It is inserted inside the pipe to help prevent the smoker from directly inhaling tobacco debris. Hence, it acts like a filter or a screen. It has a flat top, and it's also tight fitting with a small hole drilled through the center.

Novelty Pipes

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your smoking experience other than the conventional method, then novelty smoking pipes may be all you need. Novelties aren't different from your regular pipes, except that they feature intriguing and sophisticated designs to heighten your artistic senses. Novelty hand pipes are just there to tickle your imaginations while you enjoy your hits. With novelty pipes, the design possibilities are endless especially as hand pipe manufacturers have continued to explore more innovative designs and styles.

Why You Should Use A Pipe Screen


Smoking without a pipe screen could ruin a great smoking session as you stand the chance of inhaling ash and other debris. However, a pipe screen acts as a filter that blocks every bit of ash. 


Although most hand pipes may look small enough to prevent any ash from sliding through, and you may think you don’t need a pipe screen until you discover that your herb debris is getting stuff in the mouthpiece after a few draws. One significant importance of a pipe screen is that it helps to keep your bowl free from tobacco debris that has accumulated over time. And it saves you from the unpleasant experience of pulling too hard and winding up with a mouth that is filled with tobacco.

When you use a pipe screen, you only get to clean your bowl less often. Aside from these benefits, you will also find it easier to empty the smoked material from your bowl between sessions especially when you are using a brass or silver screen pipe. We have a variety of filter screens that you can use for any hand pipe you choose to use.

 There you have it folks, a variety of hand pipes for you to choose from. Be sure to check out our vast collection of hand pipes at smoketokes:)

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