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4/20 Essentials Guide for Stoners

4/20 Essentials Guide for Stoners

Stoners, it's that time of year again, April 20th. A time when the pungent smell of cannabis fills the air, a time when cannabis flows freely as joints pass from hand to hand in celebration of 4/20. A stoner's worst nightmare is for 4/20 to arrive and you aren't prepared. No rolling tray, no rolling papers, no water pipe, but worst of all no cannabis. Stoners, It's your job to get your green, but it's my job to guide you towards the 4/20 essentials that you'll need. Keep reading. 

Bolt Grinder Edge

The Bolt Grinder Edge is not your average grinder, it's a pristine and fine machined grinder. It is a 4 part grinder that opens up into 4 different pieces. The bottom has a sifter with a magnetic hard top that connects the bottom and top half. It is 2.5" from bottom to top which is a great size. It fits in your pocket with no problem but it can also be concealed easily. Now you can grind up your weed and never lose a crumb.

4/20 Rolling Tray

If you smoke pot then you know that a rolling tray is a standard part of the smoking experience, it's your prep station. What better way to prep your green than on an authentic 4/20 rolling tray.  

8.5" Chrome Leaf Beaker Ice Catcher Glass Water Pipe

Elevate your high with a standout Glass Water Pipe. This water pipe features a chrome leaf beaker design with an ice catcher for an intense high like none other.

Newport Zero Honey Bee

Why use a regular lighter when you can use a torch. This bee has got a sting! This 6" Newport Zero Honey Bee torch is a hot commodity with its soft and jet flame switch. If you truly want to save the bees think about adopting one of these guys. 

7" Hippie Bus Ceramic Hand Pipe

The Vintage Hippie Bus Ceramic Pipe emanates bundles of love, peace, and free spirit from its classic iconic shape. The dry-hitting pipe is made entirely from ceramic and decorated with colorful flower power.

Raw Classic 1 1/4" Size Pre-Rolled Cone - 32 Packs/Display

 If you're apart of the cannabis culture then you know all about RAW. What better way to roll up than with a RAW Pre-rolled Cone. The RAW classic cones are perfect for everyday use. These 1 1/4" sizes are perfect for quick smokes. The vegan paper  burns slowly, and it's still the perfect size. Each of these Raw Cones consists of unbleached natural hemp paper. They also come with tips.

Raw 2-Way Adjustable Roller 

Take the work out of rolling up with a RAW 2-Way Adjustable roller. This roller can roll regular and slim 110mm King size rolling papers. It features authentic natural composite plastic with a 2-way adjustable switch. 


Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro dab vape is a device unlike any other. Not only does it not look like any other desktop vaporizer but it definitely doesn't hit like anything you've tried. Its efficiency is very similar to an e-nail with precise temperature controls.

Detoxify Mega Clean 32oz

Stop fooling yourself, after 4/20 is over you’re going to need a detox. Detoxify Mega Clean offers a full system, high toxicity instant cleanse in a 32oz. If your cleansing needs are immediate and your toxins high, Mega clean is the right choice.


There you have it stoners, all your essentials for an impeccable 4/20. Happy 4/20  Don't forget to puff puff pass!!

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