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Top 12 Dab Tools: For Efficient Dabbing

Top 12 Dab Tools: For Efficient Dabbing

When it comes to dabbing, you always want to be prepared. It gives such an intense experience yet there are so many tools to help you with the process. 

Dabbing Tools 

Dabbing tools like dabbers, nectar collectors, nails, e-Nails, bangers, torches and butane's are all part of the dabbing process. Although it sounds complex, it really isn't. It all comes down to following the process with the right dabbing accessories.

Nectar Collector

The nectar collector is one of the most simple ways to dab your concentrates. It features a tip, that is usually titanium. Using a torch, heat it up until it's hot and dip it into a wax container. A nectar collector is simply a dab rig that's smaller. Some of them contain a chamber to fill it up with water. There are also dab straws or honey straws which are made up of a straw that works the same way. However, dab straws don't come with a chamber for water.

To use your nectar collector, simply use your torch to heat up the tip you have for it. Heat it for 20 seconds then wait 15 seconds for it to cool down. When it's cool, simply tip it, dip it, and then sip it!

DNA Extract Kit by DNA Glass

The DNA extract kit from DNA Glass is our best selling nectar collector. Not only does it have a minimalist design but it's made from really high quality glass. It's super travel friendly. It stands at 13 inches and the glass walls are 3mm thick. 

Many people like to switch out titanium tips for quartz and vice versa. Luckily with this, you don't have to worry about buying anything extra. It comes with a quartz tip and a titanium tip. It also comes with a glass dab tray which is a small glass container. You can put your concentrates in it while heating up the wax with your heated tip.


8" Waxmaid Silicone Nectar Collector

One of the best honey straws that features a water chamber is the Waxmaid silicone nectar collector. It has a tubular design that holds a great amount of water. It's nice and round to be able to grab it with no problem. This makes it more durable to hold when you're heating it with your torch. It features platinum grade silicone with a titanium tick. The silicone makes it stick and heat resistant. It's also good for clumsy smokers who tend to drop smoking accessories. Silicone won\t break and it's also freezer safe so you can cool down your smoke by freezing the piece.

The Waxmaid silicone collector features a transparent chamber with a percolator. This will help you see the bubbles forming that are helping you filter the smoke. It comes with a titanium tip to make sure you get smooth smoke.


8" Ray Gun Silicone Nectar Collector Rig

The Ray Gun silicone nectar collector is an efficient novelty wax rig. It is shaped like a ray gun and it's made out of platinum cured silicone. It comes with a titanium tip along with a hidden 3ml silicone jar underneath it. The silicone material is for being heat resistant and non stick. 

It's design is the best part. Simply using the torch, heat the titanium tip and dip it into your wax container. You can inhale it form the back of the gun. 


Banger nails are a very important part of dabbing. If you dab with an oil rig, you will need either a regular nail or a banger. These will be the receptacles in which you use a dabber to place the wax on. The banger gets heated with a torch until it reaches the right temperature. Wait about 15 seconds for it to cool down and use your dabber tool to dab your wax right on. Using a carb cap, which often times it placed at the other end of your dabber, you can control the airflow of your rig.

Bangers come in different sizes from 10mm, 14mm to 18mm. They also come in different joint genders like male and female. The stem can be curved at a 90 degree angle or it can be an S shape. Regardless, one thing they all share in common is the raised walls to help the wax stay in and have better airflow. 

Quartz Color Crystal Thermal Banger

The Quartz Color Crystal Thermal Banger is by far the most unique banger because of its thermal ability to change colors. There are little thermochromic color changing crystals inside it. As you use your torch to heat it up, you will notice it's heat reactive. This means they will change colors to help you visually see when it's ready to be used. 

There a plethora of colors to choose. It comes in 14mm and 18mm join sizes. It also comes in male and female. 

Quartz Riptide Banger with Quartz Pearl and Carb Cap

The Quartz Riptide Banger with Quartz Pearls is another very unique banger that shows what physics can do! There are two crystal pearls in the banger. As you inhale, the pearls start spinning around. The faster they spin the more air they draw in from the top of the carb cap. This creates more smoke, The top of the quartz carb cap has a hole which acts as a spinner turbine. 

Overall, this not only helps reduce oil from escaping but it also creates a bigger airflow drag. This feature also helps oil from getting trapped in the corners.


A dab nail works the same way as a banger by heating it up with a torch and letting it cool down. However, the design changes. A nail is a very simple construction. It looks very similar to a construction nail with threads in the middle. You just drop it into the stem of the dab rig. Some nails will need a dome while others are domeless. By putting a dome on top of it, this helps control the airflow so you can inhale it through the down stem.

G2 Titanium Dual Track Nail by Got Nail?

There isn't much to it but the G2 Titanium Dual Track Nail is a nail with two track stoppers. It comes in a male joint gender. It features 14mm and 18mm joint size. 



A dabber is a sharp tool that is often long. It is used to scoop up your wax and dab it onto your nail. If you have a banger or dome on your nail, the other end of the dabber will sometimes have a carb cap. 

Quartz Banger Carb Cap with Long Top Handle

Dabber tools don't come with specific requirements. However, the Quartz Banger Carb Cap with Long Top Handle is specifically made for bangers. You use one end to dab your wax and the other end is concave. You can put the end of it to close the banger. This restricts it from airflow which gives you more flexibility.


Arsenal Tools AK-47 Stainless Steel Dabber

The AK-47 Arsenal stainless steel dabber tool that represents exactly like an AK47 rifle. It features a small spoon on the other end which makes it easy to scoop up your concentrates. The detail of this dabber is very intricate and detailed.


An e-Nail is the most efficient and accurate dab rig. Instead of using any torch, you simply heat up the nail with accurate temperatures with electricity. This is done by attaching a specific nail to the eNail. You put the temperature you want it to heat up too and wait until it's at that temperature. You can then dab your dab your wax on it.

Atman LED D-Nail/E-Nail Case

The Atman LED d-Nail/e-Nail is the perfect electric nail that you just power up, dab, and go. It's insulation material is MgO and the sheath material is CR Ni-Steel/Kevlar. The temperature ranges from 200°F-700°F. It includes a power cord with a 5.5 foot power cord. If you like to use it on the go, it comes with a carrying strap.

Nixon H-Nail 2500mAh Kit

The Nixoin H-Nail 2500mAh kit is an e-nail that acts as a handheld vaporizer oil rig. It comes with an unbreakable carry case with a removable titanium nail. The magnetic carb cap comes with a long dabber on the other end. Unlike other e-Nail kits, you can fill the Nixoin H-Nail with water in its chamber as it features a glass percolator.

Unlike other e-Nails, you can carry this one around since it doesn't use a power cord. Like a vaporizer, it's battery operated so you charge it and go. 



A torch is an important part to dabbing because you can't heat up titanium, ceramic or quartz with a lighter. You need to heat it up to temperatures upwards of 400ºF to 800ºF.

Newport Zero Regular 6" Torch

The Newport Zero 6" Torch is the perfect flame lighter torch because of its size. It turns on real easy with a click of a button. it features a 360° Flame for an even heat. It even has a bottom base stand so it doesn't roll around or fall over.



Butane is often an important part of a dabbing tool because you can just refill your torch. You don't want to keep running out and getting a new one. Simply stick the needle into the bottom and fill it up. This is very useful if you are constantly dabbing.

Whip It! Premium Butane Gas Case

Whip It! Premium Butane is the most popular butane brand. It's ultra refined butane gas. it comes in a 420mL canister and features 12 canisters per case. 


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