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Although you may not be familiar with the name, you have most certainly come across butane at one point or another. Being a fuel source, you have probably butane it when you were lighting the dry herbs in your pipe, bong, or bubbler. For those who would like to learn more about this fuel source, here is a brief guide on butane.

What Is Butane?

A butane case is simply a container that holds butane in its gaseous form. These cases can be used to transport and hold butane cans when it is not being used to refill devices that require the fuel source. Wholesale butane comes in master cases but can also be purchased in boxes.

What is Butane Used For?

Butane fuels are used for several devices, many of which you already know about like lighters and torches. Here are a few of the most common devices that require fuel in order to operate properly.

Refilling Your Lighter

Almost all lighters are powered by butane. For those who prefer to use a single lighter rather than using disposable ones, these can be used to refill these lighters so that you can continue to use them long after the original fuel has run out. Buying wholesale butane cases helps you keep them in stock at low prices

Refilling a Torch

If you use a torch for cooking or heating up your dabs, you may have used a torch that required butane. Some  are powered by propane. You will use a butane canister to refill these types of torches.

Refilling a Gas Can

If you are in need of a larger source of butane fuels, a gas can will be the best way to go. You can fill butane into a gas can much like propane and use it to power whatever it is that needs the fuel source. 

It is an extremely useful fuel that powers quite a bit of our flammable products. This glimpse into the fuel source will provide you with a little more insight into what butane is and what we need it for in our day-to-day lives.

Is Butane Toxic to Humans?

Although butane is known to be a colorless gas with a very small perceptible odor, the toxicity of butane is low. Large concentrations can be lethal. Inhaling butane can cause effects from loss of short term memory to sudden death at the worst.

The most noticeable and biggest effects you will see in butane abuse will be cardiac effects and to the central nervous system (CNS). 


Wholesale Butane

Smoke Tokes offers cases of wholesale butane. Whether you need extra ones around, you are using them to refill lighters, or you need cheap butane cases for your smoke shop, we got you covered. If you want to buy a case of butane or master cases, we have the best prices around in Los Angeles and all around the United States.

Whether you're looking for a Whip-It, Newport, Colibri or even Power, we can help you! Wholesale butane is going to be the best way to save money per unit.