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What are Vaporizers?: The Ultimate Guide

What are Vaporizers?: The Ultimate Guide

Smoking kills slowly. Although some cigarette smokers will not die from smoking, the majority of them will face an uphill struggle with lung disease and possibly different kinds of cancer, which would lead to death. The lungs of a long-term smokers age much faster than that of someone who doesn’t smoke.

Aside from the potential health issues that smoking can cause, there are some other not-so-good things smoking products cause. Some are bad breath and awful odor that can stick to your body and clothes throughout the day. In fact, smoking has become a social vice that many people frown at.

However, with all these countless studies and negative effects many of us still love smoking our favorite tobacco as a past time. The reason why most people still stick to smoking is that they haven’t found any alternative yet. What if we tell you that there is a way to still enjoy them? Well, there is a way through vaporizers! 

What are Vaporizers

Vaporizers are electronic devices used to consume dry herbs, concentrates and oils. The process of using vaporizers is called vaping. The main point of vapes is to make sure the device does not combust your materials, unlike smoking. Instead, it vaporizes the herbs, and extract all the active ingredients into vapor. The major downside of smoking is the smoke you inhale when taking hits is harmful to their lungs and heart. So since vaporizers don’t produce smoke, they reduce the risk of inhaling harmful toxins into the body.

What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a compact, handheld vaporizer. It is shaped like a pen most of the time, hence the name. They are the most discreet. You can vape just about anywhere conveniently and put it back in your pocket. 


There are many benefits of using vaporizers to consume your herbs, vape juice, and concentrates. Some of them are:

No smoke

Vaporizers shouldn't burn your herbal materials, meaning they don’t produce smoke. This is the best way to make sure you're heating it up enough to produce vapor from the active ingredients rather than smoke from the whole herb burning.

No Bad Smell

Vaporizers don’t produce terrible odors like smoking does. When you smoke, the smell sticks to your body and shirt due to the smoke being thick. Anyone who comes near you would quickly notice that you just took a hit. Vaporizers are much better with this and can help keep it discreet.

Save Money

Getting a durable and powerful vape device is not costly. You can get a good vape pen for under 50 bucks. And if you maintain it properly, it can last you for a really long time.

You will also save money by buying less herbs. Since vaping doesn't burn your materials, you stretch out the amount you can get from each bowl. 

Help Quit Smoking Habits

Vapes are a great alternative to smoking and can help people who want to quit. With vaporizers, smokers can still enjoy their herbs while putting their cigarette down.

Dry Herb Vapes

Dry herb vapes are specifically designed for vaping dry herbs such as basil, tobacco, green tea, etc. They are also called herbal vaporizers. Unlike the traditional smoking method, dry herb vapes give you full control over the smoking temperature. They come with different ranges of temperatures and you can easily select a preferred heat setting from the available options. The great news is that your herbs are evenly heated at the same temperature to extract all active ingredients.

A typical dry herb vape pen has a battery, mouthpiece, chamber, and a heating system which could be conduction, convection, or hybrid. A conduction device heats the plant directly to produce vapors while a convection vape heats the herbs with hot air. Convection heating is the true form of vaping. Vaporizers with conduction heating system are usually less expensive and heat faster than those with a convection system since they just burn the herbs. A hybrid vape device has a combination of conduction and convection heating systems, making it a more efficient vaporizer.

How they Work

Dry herb vaporizers are easy to use and they offer a great deal of convenience. All you need to do is to load your finely ground herbs into the chamber or oven. Make sure not to overload so that it doesn’t block the air path. Once the device is turned on, it heats the herb to the selected temperature without burning it.

Dab Pens

Dab vape pens are small vaping pens designed for consuming wax and concentrates. While dab pens come in different shapes and sizes, most of them have the shape of a regular pen. This offers great portability and convenience. A regular dab pen vaporizer features a battery, mouthpiece, atomizer, and coils for heating the concentrates.

How they Work

Dab pens work in a simple way. You just have to use a dab tool to scoop a small amount of concentrate into the heating chamber and then turn on the device. Hold down the power button and inhale the juicy taste of the terpenes from your wax. Always try to remove leftover wax after each session to keep the chamber free from buildups. You can simply scrape the leftovers and put it on the coil again.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are battery-powered devices that turn e-Liquid or nicotine salt into clean vapors without no smoke. E-cigs are a perfect alternative for those who consume nicotine the old way. They are used as a replacement for tobacco smokers. They offer a better experience and sensation than the traditional smoking method. Some e-cigarettes take the shape of the regular cigarette while others come as mods. Mod are a much more complicated and powerful vape than the regular e-cigs. 

How they Work

E-cigs works with cartridges or tanks. All you have to do is  fill your vape juice into the cartridge and attach it to the device. Power on the e-cig vape device and start inhaling.

Cleaning Your Vaporizer

The secret of prolonging the performance and lifespan of your vaporizer lies in your ability to know to clean and maintain both the interior and the exterior properly. A well-maintained vape pen would serve you for a long time before it needs replacement. Atomizers and coils are required to be changed after some time to avoid inhaling burnt taste when vaping. They can also burn out quicker if not maintained well.

If you choose to use dry herb vaporizers, you will need to clean it more frequently. This is because as you continuously use your vape pen, the herbs begin to build up inside the chamber. If you fail to clean out the residue, it would not only spoil the taste of your vapor but also expose you to some health risk. The best way to avoid herbal buildup is to brush the chamber after every session. Having residual build up means your vape would have to work harder to reach the optimal temperature. This will result to a poor functioning vaporizer or your battery draining quicker.

The exterior design of your vaporizer is its beauty. If you don’t maintain it well, it would get old within a short time. Make sure the body and screens (if any) are clean at all time. You can use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it clean with a dab of isopropyl alcohol.

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