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Smoking in Your College Dorm: How to Be Discreet

Smoking in Your College Dorm: How to Be Discreet

When you come back to your dorm room after a long day of class, you just want to  lay back and chill. Some people like to enjoy their night by winding down and playing games while others like to enjoy some smokable herbs. 

Not everyone feels comfortable smoking in their dorm room. Whether it's the smell lingering or you just don't want to be bothered by your non-smoking roommate, we will try to cover the best way to keep the smell to a minimum.

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Tips on Smoking in Your Dorm 

Whether you're going to smoke in your dorm room or a friends you want to be careful. Follow the law but make sure everyone around you is fine with it. Being respectful is still part of this. 

Vape Pen

One of the best ways of smoking discreetly is by using a dry herb vape pen. Even though most people will say herbal vapes don't smell but that is not true. Vaping incorrectly or even from a non-efficient device can definitely omit a noticeable odor. However, they do look like an everyday pen that's part of your stationary.

Try to buy a convection vaporizer because they generally come with temperature control setting. Keeping the temperature to a lower point helps keep the vapor small. 

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Location Where you Smoke

Try to keep your smoking to as close as a window. Windows are ideal because once the smell gets out, it's out. A window is perfect because you can even keep it open after to air out the room. If you have two windows, then even better for circulation. You can keep a damp towel and place it on the bottom of the opening of your door.

Airflow of the Room

Airflow of the room is very important. Having a portable stand up vertical fan is perfect. Especially having one that oscillates will help your room air out. Some even come with a humidifier option so that can give the extra push.

Changing your air filter in your ac vent and use that too. The cleaner it is, the better it will pick up any odor.


Incense can be a tricky one but overall good. You don't want to light up any incense that will be over powering. Although you can just say you were doing yoga, incense smell can be alarming. 

Make sure to light something with an original smell that is enough to mask any smoke but not too overpowering. Ozium works perfectly too. It's so strong, you only need a little hint of it in each corner.

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Smoke Buddy

Smokebuddy is literally some peoples buddy. They use it on a daily basis because of its ease of use. It is a great way to to mask the smell before it even comes out. Before the Smokebuddy, people would stuff laundry detergent fabric softener sheets into empty toilet paper rolls then blow into that. That can sometimes give it away if someone smells laundry detergent. 

It's so easy to use. Take a hit of your dry herbs then open the top cap of the Smokebuddy. Exhale into the end of the mouthpiece. 

Glass Pipe

Using a glass pipe seems counter intuitive but it can be one of the best way to smoke if you want to use a lighter and a pipe. A glass spoon pipe works well but usually a chillum or one hitter are the most discreet. You can pack a small amount of herbs in it and take a small hit. This ensures the bowl isn't still smoking while you're exhaling.

It also helps when you want to clean it too. A dirty pipe full of resin is definitely going to stink up. Cleaning it out weekly or even daily if you want too, can go a long way.

Glass Pipe Cleaner

Using a glass pipe cleaner, you can give your glass pieces a new look and feel. Not to mention, it will help keep the smell down a minimum. Cleaning your glass pipe will also help increase airflow efficiency of your smoke.

Silicone has creases that gets dirt trapped underneath. This makes it harder to clean.

Ghost Your Hit

Smoking discreetly requires some sort of experience. If you don't know how to handle it, the first thing to remember is to make sure you minimize the smoke. When you ghost your smoke, that means you make it disappear from it can come out of your mouth.

Do this by not scorching your dry herbs too long. Do it quick and make sure there is no cherry at the end.

Another way to ghost your hit is to inhale the smoke and keep it in as much as possible. When you blow out, do it very slow.

Roll A Small One and Go Outside

 If you want to smoke your herbs with the RAW rolling paper you just rolled, go ahead and do it outside. Smoking from paper you just rolled can be very satisfying knowing it's your own craft. However, it will cause a stink so go outside and take a nice walk.

Stash Can

A smoking accessory gear for making sure your smoking is kept on the down low, get a stash can. Stash cans will make sure that if anyone comes over, they won't suspect anything.

Not only do they come with a vacuum tight seal so the smell doesn't seep out. They are such well diversion safes that they look just like your household items.

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