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Smoking Glass Pipes: How to Choose the Right Pipe

Smoking Glass Pipes: How to Choose the Right Pipe

Shopping for a new piece can be tough, but fun. There are a lot of options out there these days. It’s not as easy as just buying a bowl or bong by price. There are plenty of glass pieces on the market that are severely overpriced. In fact, as you browse our selection, you’ll see that many of the best glass smoking pipes can be surprisingly affordable! 

Think About Its Use 

What works for one person isn’t always ideal for another. Are you planning on using your new bowl for outdoor adventures? If so, a small, thick glass piece is probably ideal. Do you want something that’s mainly going to be used in the privacy of your home? In that case, something like a bubbler or steamroller could fit the bill. 

If you really want to go out with a bang and show your style, you'd want to get a Gandalf or Sherlock pipe. Just like the one you see Sherlock Holmes smoking on, those types of pieces are an eye catcher.

Your smoking style also plays a role in what kind of bowl is right for you. Do you enjoy the rare, occasional smoke, or are you a frequent smoker who wants huge rips? The best glass smoking pipes are the ones that fulfill your unique needs. If you’re looking for a first piece, a 3”-5” basic spoon bowl is a popular choice. Spend some time browsing designs and see which appeals to you.

Check the Glass Thickness

Even the most careful smoker drops or bumps their bowl from time to time. A thin piece is much more likely to crack or shatter than a thick one. A good piece should have some weight to it and you should be able to tell that it will hold up to regular use. On average, glass thickness ranges from 1mm to 9mm. Try to find a piece closer to the 9 side. There are still plenty of the great smoking pipes that aren’t a full 9mm thick.

Look Into the Glass Quality

In addition to thickness, seek out high-quality glass. As a general rule of thumb, borosilicate and quartz glass tend to be the highest quality options. The blower’s skill also makes a difference. While imperfections are to be expected when shopping for a hand-blown piece, too many can be a sign of poor blowing practices.

You may want to examine the pipe for two imperfections: bubbles and scratches. Both are normal in small quantities, but if you see a lot of either of them, the pipe was probably rushed. This can lead to breaking or wear and tear even quicker. Look for bubbles specifically where two parts are joined together. Clean joint welds are a surefire sign that your blower knew what they were doing, ensuring a better product.

Don’t Forget the Design

Even if you don't care, aesthetics matter. Your pipe is your loyal companion. It’s the heart of the session. You want a piece that speaks to you. Every pipe is unique. There are a whole lot of different colors, designs, shapes, and styles out there. Designs include swirls, color changing glass, and other unique glass artistry, so why not seek out one that really makes you smile every time you look at it? Oh, and don’t forget to give it a name -- it’s part of the family, after all.

Consider the Shape

While it’s not always possible to hold a pipe before buying it, the pipes are just a joy to use. Even though a pipe with all sorts of pointy flair may look cool, are you really going to want to wield it every time you feel like smoking? Look for something with smooth curves and a well-thought-out design. This is a functional work of art, after all.

Besides seeking an ergonomic design that fits in your hand, you should also consider how you’re going to store it. If you’re buying a bubbler, does it have enough weight to sit on the shelf without toppling? Does it have a flattened bottom so it won’t roll away on your coffee table?

Think about those little details before you buy a piece. It only takes one tiny flaw to turn you off from your new pipe. Consider the location of the carb, the size of the bowl itself, the shape of the mouthpiece, and so on. Envision yourself smoking from it and storing it.

Cleaning It

If you want your accessories to work efficiently as they did one day one, clean it. Cleaning glass pipes and bongs is a short process that ensures you will get the most from your smoke. 

While there are liquid pipe cleaning products that you can swish through your bowl to clean it. The design of the bowl directly affects how easy or hard it is to clean it out. You may want to avoid pipes with tiny carbs, mouthpieces, and holes in the bottoms of bowls. It can be difficult (or impossible) to get a tool in there when you need to clear out blockage


Buy from a Reputable Source

Buying from a known and trusted source is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re receiving the best for your smoke. Sure, you could spend a couple hundred on a pipe. It's probably going to be nice, but do you really need to? There are plenty of top-of-the-line pieces out there that are available without breaking the bank.

Smoke Tokes is proud to offer thick, high-quality pieces in a wide variety of heady shapes, colors, designs, and styles. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate scientific rig made from glass contracted from a glass company. 

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