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Opening Up a Dispensary: How to Purchase Your Supplies?

Opening Up a Dispensary: How to Purchase Your Supplies?

Opening up a dispensary can be a tough job. From all the agencies, regulations, and hurdles you have to jump through, worrying about the products is the last thing on your mind. That's why we're here to help you. Smoke Tokes has all the items you need to purchase your dispensary items. Check out the marijuana dispensary guide on what you need to open one up.

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How to Purchase Your Supplies?

Purchasing products and items for your store is always very important. You want to make sure these are items that will be wanted from your customers and also at the best possible price for you to make money on it. This can make or break your business.

Dispensary Packaging

Packaging your products is very important. Depending on what it is, you need specific features for each one. For example, if you're going to package up dry herbs, you want to make sure whatever you're using is airtight and odor-proof. Most states requires it to be odor proof and keeping it airtight will make sure your herbs are staying fresh. One thing you want to make sure is if your packaging is child resistant. Most states require you to have child proof so children can't open it.

Pop Tops 

Pop tops containers are the most common types of containers for dry herbs. They are super easy to use as all you need to do is squeeze the sides of the top. You will hear a little "pop" noise once it opens up. You will get most of your dry herb in this because it's easy to store it in and easy to use. They vary in sizes so you can stash anywhere from a gram to an ounce in them.

Pre-Roll Packaging

pre-roll packaging is a little cylindrical tube with a twist on or snap on top on the head. They come in two different sizes from 98mm and 120mm. 98mm is for 1 1/4" papers/cones and the 120mm is for king size papers/cones.


When you have are packaging your material, you want to let people know what it is. You can differentiate by material and strain by using a cannabis label sticker. You can also write the content level, and weight on it. The sticker usually serves as a warning label too. These are compliant to the state you live in.

Labels for Dispensary Bags: MMJ Compliant Labels — Smoketokes


Dry herb bags and baggies are unique for the designs they have on them. They can be child resistant, specially if they're pinch n slide mylar bags. These are also often called exit bags and are used when you're exiting the shop. The budtender will put all your purchased items in this bag with a sticker in between to make sure it's not opened until you get to a private place.


You will also need jars for your materials and they're usually split into two different jars, dry herb jars and concentrate containers.

Dry herb jars come in different shapes and sizes. Although some are acrylic or silicone, most of them are made from glass. Glass helps you see what's inside without you opening it but most of all, it helps it stay fresh. You won't have any impurities or anything seeping in your material.

 dry herb flower jars

Concentrate Container 

A concentrate container is exactly as it sounds like. It's a container that fits concentrates/wax in it. They come in different sizes ranging from half a gram to over 2 grams. Although you can use parchment paper too, bigger amounts require you to use these containers. They come in different colors, material and shapes but they're usually a cylinder with a clear see through glass and a black top. Some are matte black all around. 

Parchment Paper

Another great idea is to press your concentrates into a parchment paper. These are lightweight and easy to carry around for all your shatter needs. It has a thin layer of glossy wax on it so the shatter doesn't get stuck to it. You can easily take it off. 

concentrate containers

Smoking Accessories

After you get all your packaging solution caught up, you need to think about the end user. Most of them will come in to get their dry herbs and concentrates but there will also customers that are a different part of their journey. For example, a first time smoker will be looking to buy something to smoke out of. Someone who had been smoking but just realized they have cancer is most likely looking for a vaporizer.

smoking accessories for dispensaries

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are one of the most simple ways to smoke and a first time smoker will usually resort to this. They are much easier to use, to transport with you and is small enough to tuck away. A hand pipe comes in glass and silicone but most of them are made from glass. They can come in different sizes, shapes and designs but most of them are a spoon bowl with a 2-5" middle tube chamber.

Water Pipes and Bubblers

Water pipes are smoking accessories that are used more by intermediate smokers. You need to practice your lungs for this one! Water pipes are smoking pipes that are long and tall usually. They consist of water in the base so the smoke can be filtered and cooled. You can sometimes put ice in the chamber too.

Bubblers work well too. They are right in the middle of a hand pipe and water bong. A bubbler is small enough to fit in your hand but still gets filled up with water in the base. It's perfect to take around with you.

Water pipes and bubblers are usually used with dry herbs.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are a special type of water pipe that allows you to heat up and smoke your concentrates. Instead of a bowl, they are used with a nail or banger which requires you to heat it up with a torch or an electronic device. Rigs are very similar to a bong in the fact that they use water to cool your smoke down. The smoke can be hotter with these since you're heating the nail or banger to almost 700°F.

One Hitter Chillum 

If you want a smaller pipe that is very easy to transport and stash, the one hitter chillum is the perfect one. These are small and a straight narrow tube. One end is used to pack your dry herbs in it and the other is the mouthpiece where you inhale through. They are easy to clean even though they can clog up quick.


Vaporizers come in many different forms but it is a very popular item used instead of smoking. Vapes are used more by people who have throat or lung irritation


Liquid oil vapes are very popular but the juices are gaining more support. It's very discreet because you can hide it quick along with make sure it doesn't smell. The vapor dissipates rather quick.


If you want to vape concentrates without having to use a dab rig, use a dab pen. This is one of the best ways to vape because you can usually change the temperature and make sure you're not getting hot vapor. This can irritate your lung or throat more.

Dry Herbs

 A dry herb vape is a vaporizer used for dry herbs only. They usually come with a temperature control which lets you change the heating settings.

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