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Nectar Collectors: Portable Dab Rig with a Straw

Nectar Collectors: Portable Dab Rig with a Straw

A nectar collector dab rig has totally changed the game for wax concentrates. No more worrying about which bowl to use. Simply get your dab rig out with your torch. However, technology keeps advancing. This means dab rigs will get more efficient and smaller, which they have! Introducing the Nectar Collector. The simple device that all you do is heat, dip, and sip. buy best Nectar Collector Dab Rig Straw  with wholesale price near me at online wholesale shop.

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A nectar collector has is exactly as it sounds. It's a portable dab tool that you can use to collect the wax into smoke. Think of it as a percolating dab straw with a really hot tip that turns wax into instant vapor. It offers water filtration like an oil rig but gives you more portability and freedom knowing you won't spill it.

A dab straw consists of a few parts, some of which are not detachable. The neck/mouthpiece usually comes off for easy cleaning and so does the quartz or titanium tip. In the middle, there is generally a diffused down stem where you can fill up with water.


There are definitely more benefits to using a nectar collector dab than a rig.

Efficient Dabbing

Being able to heat a specific portion and use that to heat the area is more efficient than heating up the whole nail on a water pipe. 

No Waste

You don't have to worry about water spilling with a nectar collector set. you don't have to worry about wasting wax on the tip either because you can pull away when the tip cools down.


Silicone vs Glass

Silicone and glass are always the two materials used on smoking accessory pipes. They both have there benefits. Glass will usually have a better taste if you can keep it clean. The flavor is a big enhancer.

Using silicone is also good because you can put it in the freezer to get a nice cold feel from it. After it freezes, it gives you much cooler and smoother hits.

Titanium Tip vs Quartz Tip

Titanium tip and quartz tips are very different but pretty similar. Quartz tips can break if you heat it up too much. This is one of the reasons heating the tip until it's glowing red is not safe.

However, Titanium tips don't heat up as quickly as quartz. on the flip side, they keep the heat longer. However, make sure you season your nail by heating it up to get rid of any of the manufacturing oils they used on it.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector set is just about as easy to use as a dab rig. There is a preparation stage which requires some patience.

Start off by having your wax ready on a solid surface, preferably glass. Make sure the surface isn't going to melt with the heat. 

Using a torch, heat up the tip just like you would on a regular rig. Making sure the tip of the flame is about half an inch from the glass or titanium tip, heat it for about 10-15 seconds. Take the same precautions. If it's glowing red, give it about 15 - 20 seconds to cool down before you start using it.

If it's glowing red hot, you've gone too far. This can break the tip. Once it's not glowing so red hot, gently touch the tip of the nectar collector to the solid surface your concentrates are on. Start off slow and only dab it on a small area. The longer you hold the tip down onto the wax, the more smoke you will get. 

The vapor will then slowly start traveling from the tip to the water. it will percolate and filter all the vapor before it travels through the last component, the mouthpiece. Slowly start inhaling the vapor that is being created from the heat.


There are definitely more positives to this than negatives.

New Design

The Nectar Collector rig is definitely one of the newest ways to heat up your concentrates. With a new unique design, it will grab anyone's attention. 


Nectar Collectors are different from the norm. Whether you're used to a wax vape pen or a rig, this is completely different.


Using a glass water pipe can be hard if you're usually on the go. It's hard to take it to a friends house and not expect it to break or shatter. It happens often but Nectar Collector can go just about anywhere!


While it can be good, there are somethings to consider about the honey dab straw.

Can Be Bulky

The dab collector can be a bit bulky. Some people don't like it because of the long shape but there are mini versions.

Lack of Temperature Control

The best part about certain vaporizers is that you can choose your temperature. Choosing your temperature means you can have precise accuracy without having to wait to cool down or anything. With a nectar collector set, after it's glowing red hot, you still need to wait for it to cool down.



Tips & Tricks

There's always ways to make something easier. Whether it will improve on speed or efficiency, it's good to know the simple tips and tricks to using it.

Heating the Tip

When heating the tip, heat it at a distance to make sure it's not glowing red. If it does glow red hot, wait for it to cool down for about 15-20 seconds. When heating the tip, sway the torch in a slow swinging motion to avoid heating only one area.

Taking a Perfect Hit

When you are taking a hit, you can choose how much wax turns into vapor by keeping the tip on the wax. The longer you keep the tip on the surface, the more smoke you will get.

Fill it With Water

Using a honey dab straw gives you the ultimate experience if you use it with water in the chamber. It acts like a bubbler.

Snug Fit

When you put the pieces together, make sure everything fits snug. You don't want it to fall out in the middle of dabbing.

How Do I Clean a Nectar Collector?

After it has fully cooled down, remove the tip and mouthpiece. Soak it in some isopropyl with some salt like you're cleaning a pipe. Once it has been soaked very well, soak it in hot water. This will get all the residue to loosen up. 

Nectar Collector vs Dab Rig

It's not a surprise that both dab rigs and nectar collectors do the job really well. They both use enough heat to give you a good amount of vapor. However, using the tip of a collector gives you the ability to dab the perfect amount. With a rig, you can only dab as much as you can pick up on a dabber.

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