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Even though some dispensaries are in medical states while others in recreational states, the laws aren't all the same. However, somethings stay the same. Regulations for packaging and labeling products needs to be state specific Compliant. One of the laws that stay the same across the board is the dispensary bags you get. From prescription exit bags to baggies that hold and seal your herbs closed. 

What are Dispensary Bags?

Dispensary bags are bags that you get before you leave the dispensary. You go up to the tender, you order what you want and they put it in a black or clear baggy or pop-top vial. They finish off with a label on it and they put it in a bag. These bags are often called pinch n twist bags.

These are all part of the process to be compliant with regulations from California and other states. You want to make sure it is child proof and it stays fresh. The bags are used by Co-ops, collectives and delivery services.

More places are using Mylar exit bags instead of the opaque crumple bag to make sure they're meeting more compliant demands. 

Different Kinds of Bags

  • Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags are for exit bags and to place herbs in it. Mylar bags come in different sizes and colors but are usually black or clear. When filled up, they look similar to a CapriSun pouch. Mylar bags are very sturdy and can only rip apart with scissors unless there is a specific crease to rip it. They are resealable so you can open and close it as you please. 

  • Apple Baggies

Apple baggies are clear baggies with a zip lock seal on top. Colors vary but they are generally with cool designs on them. The designs don't really hide what is inside but it can be a deterrent. 

  • Prescription & Exit Bags

RX or Prescription exit bags are one of the most important pieces of all dispensary bags. This is what all your items are placed in before you leave the collective. They are opaque colored and either resealable bags or they are stapled closed. 

  • Kraft Bags

Kraft Bags are opaque exit bags with an RX written on it or another pharmacy type insignia. They are flimsy and asy to crumple but they are the minimum exit bag to be considered compliant.

Features of a Dispensary Bag

  • Smell Proof

When you are looking for which bag to buy for your co-op, you want to make sure it is smell proof. Many people who smoke are still not in the open about it. This means they want discreet bags. Making sure they won't seep out any noticeable smells.

  • Child Resistant

 It's not a surprise that child resistance is going to be mandatory to be compliant. This is strictly so minors and kids will not be able to get access to anything they shouldn't. It is very important to make sure you're using certified child resistant packaging.

  • Avoid Appealing to Kids

You want to make sure you don't have a colorful packaging scheme going on. This can be very enticing for kids to check out and run their curiosity.