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Using Incense for Smoking Sessions

Using Incense for Smoking Sessions

When you want to have a nice smelling room, an incense stick will always do the trick. With the vast amount of incense, it shouldn't be too difficult to find the right one. You can choose by the specific fragrance or the type of brand. Different brands can be made from different materials like sandalwood, bamboo and more. LEAFIS Buddha Incense Burner Handcraft Ceramic Statue Hand  Backflow Incense Burner for Home Decor Decoration, with 10 Incense Cones  (Lotus): Home & Kitchen

What are Incense 

Incense is usually made from various different materials but they are mean't to be used for pleasant aromas. Sometimes they can be used for spiritual or religious rituals including meditation. Incense are generally sticks, candles or oils.

When you light up your incense, always have safety in mind. When you light it up, make sure there is proper ventilation like an open window. Always make sure to use an incense holder to make sure it's at a safe distance.

Different Types of Incense?


The most common incense are incense sticks. They are a stick of incense made from organic and natural materials usually. It is covered with a paste like sawdust from machilus wood or even charcoal dust with some gum powder. The exterior of this is covered with fragrance oil. Incense sticks are used by lighting up one end of it and letting it burn through. It generally goes into the end of a flat wooden plate. As it burns, it drops the ashes onto the wood.

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There are also oils that people use as oils. You generally fill it up in a small bowl and light a lighter underneath it. The heat creates the smell from the oil. The oils are made from plant extracts like chamomile, jasmine, lavender and much more. 

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Incense for Smoking

Everyone has their own ritual when it comes smoking. Whether you like the music on or you want to watch something, everyone does it differently. Incense before, during and after smoking is something more people have thought about recently. 

Clears the Air

Before you fill the room up with smoke, open a window and light up an incense. Some incense will help clear the air if it's already musty. Incense can also help after the smoking session. Once the room is filled with smoke, the incense is generally thicker so they will stay around after the smoke. This makes sure your room doesn't stink.

Relieves Anxiety

Many people have anxiety. They get anxiety when they smoke and therefore they get anxiety before they start too. Incense can help you relax and sit back without worrying too much. Some of them have a calming effect. One of the best ones for relieving anxiety are lavender, sandalwood and rose.

Relieving Headaches

Some scents will help with your headache a bit more. If you have migraines from stress, use lavender or sandalwood to soothe it. You can also use peppermint and patchouli smells.

Masks Odor

Incense can be a great way to mask horrendous smells. Different dry herbs smell really bad or can bother some people. Since not everyone wants to smell it, an incense will make sure the incense smell takes over. The best way to get rid of it is to use citrus type smells.

Maximize Relaxation

One of the main reasons people smoke is to relax. You can help relax more by lighting up an incense. Pick the right incense smell and open a room before you light it up.

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