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Dry Herb Vapes Vs Wax Vapes: The Ultimate Guide

Dry Herb Vapes Vs Wax Vapes: The Ultimate Guide

Vaporizers were initially created for heating dry herbs. Whether they tried to vape tobacco as pick an alternative way to heat it up or different herbs to taste the flavor better. Others are using it to quit smoking all together. As technology got better, vapes for dry herbs have gotten much more efficient. Wax vaporizers also came to light with similar technology. In this article, we are going to discuss both of these vaporizers and the differences that separate them along with what makes them unique.

Dry Herb Vapes 

Dry herb vapes are usually electronic devices that are designed to heat up any type of dry herb until the active ingredients contained within the herbs are vaporized and inhaled. Dry herb vapes come in many different shapes and sizes from the traditional vape pen shape to the massive desktop vaporizer. What differentiates dry herb vapes from other units is many things but mainly, is the inner chamber that holds the dry herbs while the device heats them.

Lookah ice cream Dry herb Vaporizer

Benefits of Herbal Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are extremely beneficial, especially when compared to smoking from a pipe or a bong. Here are some of the benefits that come with using a vaporizer.

  • Using herbs in a vaporizer is a better alternative than smoking from a water bong or pipe. This is due to the fact that the herb is heated rather than burnt. With the temperature a vape produces, it creates vapor instead of a smoke. Vapor itself can be better than smoke and can possibly reduces the health issues that accompany smoking.
  • A dry herb device is a discrete option for those who want to smoke on the go but who don’t want to attract as much attention. Although there is still a noticeable smell when the substance is vaporized, it is less intense than being burned. People will most likely be less suspecting of you if you are using a vaporizer as well.
  • You’ll get much better effects when you use a vaporizer instead of a pipe or a bong. Why? Vaporizing releases higher levels of active ingredients while burning it actually releases less. 
  • Since there are more benefits to with a dry herb vaporizer, you don’t need to spend as much money as you would with a pipe or a bong. You will waste less with your unit . The only expensive part of the process is the initial investment for the vaporizer device, which even then can be cheaper than an expensive water pipe.
  • When you burn your materials, you aren’t able to enjoy the natural tastes due to the smoke. With a vape, you can enjoy the untainted taste of your material in a safe manner.
  • You have more control over your smoking experience when you use a dry herb vaporizer. These units allow you to control how much you smoke, the overall temperature of your device, and other factors that contribute to the quality of your vaping session.
  • Ease-of-use is one of the biggest benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer. Even with portable products such as pipes, you still have to wait for the bowl to cool and you have to get the lighter out and do other things throughout the entire process. A dry herb vaporizer is much easier to use since you only need to turn it on and pack it in order to begin using it. If you’ve been looking for something simple, seek out a high-quality device instead of your normal pipe or bong.
Kandypens Miva 2 Dry herb Vaporizer

Convection vs Conduction

When you begin looking for a herbal unit, you are going to see the terms “conduction” and “convection” quite a bit. To better understand what these terms mean for your vaporizer, let’s cover them real quick.

Convection and conduction are two types of heating methods that dry herb vaporizers use. Conduction is the process of applying a heat source directly on your herbs in order to heat it up and vaporize it. Convection, on the other hand, is a method of heating that keeps the dry herbs surrounded by heat and hot air until the point of vaporization. Conduction is faster but does not fully cook the herb and risks burning the herb as well. Convection is slower but heats up the herb and does not put you at risk for combustion. Your dry herb vaporizer may also use a hybrid system, which includes both convection and conduction heating methods for improved vaporization.

Temperature Matters

Although heat doesn’t seem like it would be a problem in a vaporizer, the heat that you set your device too could be detrimental for your health. For one, higher temperatures in devices that use conduction heating methods could result in combustion if you set the heat too high and accidentally burn the herbs. Combustion is can result in cancerous smoke. The second biggest issue when it comes to heat and herbal vaporizers is that it could produce carcinogen known as benzene

Dab Pens

For some, dry herbs simply doesn’t do the job. In cases like these, smokers may instead opt for wax concentrates instead. These concentrates contain much higher levels of active ingredients and therefore get the user effects in a shorter time period than with dry herbs. In order to smoke these kinds of substances, you could reach for a dab rig or you could make the smart decision and go for a dab pen instead.

A dab pen is a special device that is able to melt down and vaporize these wax concentrates. One of the biggest differences that separate dab pens from other devices is the fact that it will use a coil that will heat the wax to the point of vaporization. Dab pens are also typically reserved to pen form and you will not see large dab vaporizers like you would with other units.

Benefits of a Wax Vaporizer

If you can handle wax concentrates, here are some of the benefits you can experience when you use a dab pen to melt down wax.

  • Vaping wax is a healthier alternative to smoking. It also eliminates some of the issues that you may experience when using it in the herbal form.
  • Since wax has a heavier concentration of active ingredients, you have to consume less of it in order to get the effect you want. This means that you save money and that you don’t need to purchase large amounts of herbs to feel how you want.
  • While dry herb vaporizers are discreet, dab pens are even more discreet. Wax concentrates do not smell in the same manner that heating up herbs does. They also produce fairly thin clouds, making them the perfect devices to use for discreet vaping sessions.
  • Along with the fact that the wax concentrates don’t smell as bad as dry herbal, wax has a great taste. If you are one who enjoys the pure flavor, you are definitely going to enjoy using a dab pen rather than a dry herb vaporizer.

The Different Wax Coils

As we stated earlier in the article, dab pens use special coils to heat up your wax concentrates to the point of vaporization. Out of all of the coils that you may see utilized in dab pens, there are three main ones. Here are the three main coils and some of the benefits you can expect to see when you use each one in your vaporizer device.


Quartz makes for great dab coils because it is a material that heats up rapidly and preserves the flavor of your wax. The only downside is that quartz is not known for heat retention and will need to be heated often in order to keep its desired temperature.


Titanium is known for its medium heating time and medium heat retention abilities. What makes it truly desirable in the wax vaping community is the fact that it is very durable, making it perfect for those who have a tendency to go through coils rather quickly due to frequent vaping sessions or misuse.


Ceramic provides the best of both worlds by allowing to heat up the coil rapidly and by retaining heat extremely well. The downside? Ceramic will break if you heat it up too high, which means that you will have to go through a lot of coils if you don’t regulate the heat.


Besides dab pens, the only other tool that is capable of vaporizing wax concentrates are e-Nails. With electronic nails, everything works efficiently. There is a nail connected to a power system. The nail gets heated up to a certain temperature that your wax will vaporize at. It is much more efficient because you pick the specific temperature it vapes at. you can stop the heat anytime and continue it right back. You can do all of those with a torch so it's also safer.

Differences and Similarities 

Before you can pick a specific unit you want, you have to think a bit more broad. Comparing is a great way to ultimately pick the right type of vape. Here is a breakdown between wax vapes and herbal vaporizers.


The similarities of the two vapes is that they are both battery operated. Some are butane but they generally use the same power source. Shapes are usually the same also. Vape pens are compact and discreet. Contrary to what most people say, vaporizers emit some sort of odor. Depending on how you use it will vary on how much it smells. The also generally use the same batteries. Some are bigger and others are smaller depending on the design.


The biggest difference between dry herb vapes and wax vapes is the coil. When you look at at the two vape pens that you want to distinguish the difference by, you always look inside the chamber. If the coils are not exposed and it’s just a regular chamber with holes in it, it’s for dry herbs. This is called a convection heating method and the herbs do not touch the coils. They are vaporized through heat. Conduction style heating will have the coils exposed so the dry herbs are directly on it.

Wax vapes have much different coils and they vary a lot too. The different materials the coils come in are quartz or ceramic. Wax vaporizers also come in variable voltage while herbal vapes come in temperature variance for precise and accurate power.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking. The biggest issue with smoking that negatively impacts your health is the combustion process. Besides the chemicals that are contained within cigarettes, both the tobacco and the rolling paper, lighting your herbs and inhaling them results in the production of dangerous carcinogens and tar that are inhaled and put into your lungs and body. Vaping eliminates these dangers carcinogens and chemicals by turning substances into a vapor, which does not contain the dangerous tar and other substances that are created when smoking. Overall, vaping is the better option for those who are more health conscious.

Dry herb vapes and wax vapes each have their benefits that make them great for those who are looking for an improved smoking experience. Whether you are more into dry herbs or wax concentrates, use the information above to better educate yourself on the topic and find the vaporizer device that will work best for you.

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