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How to Season Your Dab Nail

How to Season Your Dab Nail

When you purchase or use your first bong, you look at your bowl attachment and think, I know exactly what I need to do with this! There is no mystery to the bowl or the bowl packing process. When it comes to dab rigs, the dab nail can be a confusing attachment that will leave first-time users confused. It can certainly be problematic if you are trying to operate it on your own. One part of the dabbing process that is often overlooked is the seasoning of the nail. This term may leave you even more confused. Don’t fret! This article is going to dive right into the nail seasoning process, what nails are, and how you can begin using yours.

What are Dab Nails? 

Dab nails are attachments found on dab rigs that allow you to vaporize your wax concentrates. The nails, which is typically made out of titanium or quartz/glass combinations, are heated to a point where the surface of the nail is able to turn the wax or oil into a vapor. It can be inhaled through the oil rig chamber. Dab nails are very useful but in order to perform optimally, they need to be seasoned.


There are plenty of benefits to seasoning your nail and to demonstrate the importance of the seasoning process. Here are some advantages associated with dab nail seasoning.

  • Seasoning your dab nail eliminates any of the dirt or residue that is still left on the dab nail after the manufacturing process. It gives you cleaner hits and keeping you safer when you first begin using your dab nail.
  • When your nail is not seasoned, your hits may have more of a metallic taste due to using your dab nail straight out of production.
  • The issue with new nails that haven’t been properly prepared is that they can often be difficult to keep your concentrates on. If you don’t have a nail with walls, this means potentially losing your first few dabs when it slides right off of the surface. These types of nails with walls on the sides are called bangers.

Why Do I Need to Season My Nail?

The truth is, you don’t. However, when you do not season your nail, you are risking exposing yourself to chemicals and metals from the manufacturing process. This also gives off a metallic taste that you will experience when you are using your dab nail. In addition, if you have a banger nail,, you may find yourself having to clean hot concentrates off of your counter when you’re done. Glass domes definitely help with this.. Overall, it is absolutely necessary to season your nail if you want a great dabbing session.

How to Season Your Nail

There are plenty of methods out there that can help you to season your dab nail but we are only going to provide you with the best and the most beneficial! In order to season your dab nail, turn on your torch and start heating your nail with it. Heat it until the nail is red hot but do not let it sit long enough for the nail to overheat. Once it has reached a red color, put your torch down and place a small amount of oil onto the surface of your nail. Wait for the nail to cool down and repeat this process approximately 3 to 5 times. Your nail will finally be seasoned!

Cleaning Your Nail

Through heavy use, even the most high quality of nails can get dirty. It is important to maintain a well-cleaned nail to keep each dab session solid. Much like the cleaning your water pipe, the cleaning process is relatively easy and straightforward. Simply place your dab nail into a bowl or into another deep dish. Next, fill the bowl with isopropyl alcohol that has a 91 percent concentration until the nail is fully submerged in the mixture. Wait for a little bit and then remove the nail and use a paper clip or something sharp to clean off the surface. A brush with bristles on it will work great. The isopropyl alcohol should have loosened any built up wax concentrates that have stuck to the surface of the nail. Put it in hot water after

Dab nail use is simple once you understand it but the seasoning of the nail is the part of the process that is overlooked by dab nail guides. To ensure that your dab nail tastes great and functions as promised, make sure to season your nail as directed above. After you’ve seasoned it, you will be ready to start dabbing!

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