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RAW Smoking Wallet

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  • Folding top flap with elastic band to ensure safety
  • Lined Pocket to keep your tobacco or herbs fresh
  • Velcro front pocket to keep your Raw accessories
  • Size: 6" x 3.5" Closed / 6: x 7" Opened
  • Rugged Exterior
  • Nylon Padding with Foil Interior
  • External Strap

RAW Smoking Wallet

Ever wanted to keep all your RAW smoking accessories in one pouch wallet? The RAW Smoking wallet is perfect to keep your chillum or one hitter, papers and lighters all in one spot. 

Every RAW wallet comes with foil lined pocket to put your herbs or tobacco in. That part of the wallet is water proof. There is an elastic band on the back to put your cash or cards in. You can also use the elastic band to close the folding top flap so it doesn't open up in your purse or bag.

It has a really nice cross-wave pattern with vertical hard-stop lines.