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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Huni Badger Mini Tip Pack of 2 (Replacement full ceramic MiniTips)

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  • High Temp. and Low Temp. Tips
  • Ceramic HeatingTip
  • Three power settings
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Powerful 650mAh battery

Huni Badger Mini Tip Pack of 2 (Replacement full ceramic MiniTips)

Introducing the Replacement Full Ceramic Huni Badger MiniTips for the Mini Badger! Elevate your dabbing experience with these high-quality ceramic tips designed specifically for the Mini Badger device.

Experience Unparalleled Flavor: Crafted from full ceramic, these MiniTips ensure the purest and most flavorful dabs. The ceramic construction guarantees a smooth and untainted vapor path, allowing you to savor every note of your concentrates.

Designed for Mini Badger: Please note that these Replacement MiniTips are specifically designed for use with the Mini Badger device. They are not compatible with our full-size Huni Badger series of devices. Ensure you have the Mini Badger before purchasing these MiniTips.

Unimpeded Draw: Enjoy an unimpeded draw with the patented straight-through airway design. This innovative feature ensures that you can inhale your concentrates without any restrictions, delivering smooth and satisfying hits.

Handle with Care: While ceramic provides exceptional flavor, it is important to handle the MiniTips with care. Ceramic can be brittle and prone to damage if mishandled. Please note that we do not provide a warranty for MiniTips against breakage or damages, unless they are new and unused.

Package Contents: Each package includes two replacement MiniTips, allowing you to continue enjoying your Mini Badger device without interruption.

How to Use: For optimal results, follow these steps: Press and hold the Mini Badger button to preheat the MiniTip for 8-10 seconds. Release the button, then press and hold it again to start dabbing. This preheating process ensures that the MiniTip is ready to deliver the best dabs.

Caution: Hot!: Never touch or attempt to change the MiniTip while it is still hot. Allow it to cool down completely before handling. Safety is paramount, so exercise caution to prevent any accidental burns or injuries.

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