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3" Small Bat Metal Chillum


Want a smoking pipe that is great for someone on the go? Then you need a 3" Small Bat Metal Chillum that includes the large packing screw-on cap! The chillums from Smoke Tokes are the perfect portable pipe. They fit in just about any case, purse, or pocket. Easy to carry and easy to clean, you can’t go wrong with a metal chillum.

No Mess Pipes

If you really want something you can rely on then get a small 3" Small baseball bat chillum smoking pipe from Smoke Tokes. These metallic pieces can withstand the wear and tear of being carried around that may damage other pipes. And with an eye-catching finish, they are something you’ll love smoking from. Each metal chillum also includes a large packing screw-on cap, so you can easily stuff it with your favorite ingredient for a hassle-free experience!

*Only available in assorted colors