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Gas Mask Water Pipe

Using a gas mask bong is like nothing else you've used to smoke. Regardless of what you're smoking, this is one of the most intense ways to use your water pipe for herbs. These bongs are usually made from acrylic or plastic because of their durability and resistance. 

What is a Gas Mask Water Pipe

A gas mask water pipe is simply a regular bong that the mouthpiece portion goes into a gas mask. The gas mask is specifically created for this smoking apparatus. It has a hole to fit your water pipe directly into. There are two giant plastic eye holes so you can see where you're bowl is at. This helps you know where to put the lighter to and heat the herb. 

Watching people smoke from this gas mask water pipe is fun because you can the smoke fill up inside the mask. You can see the eye holes fill up with smoke right before it is inhaled.

Different Face Masks

The gas masks on these water pipes will vary. It is more of a personal preference but there are multiple different varieties. Some range from superheroes while others are regular war time masks.

How to Use it:

Simply take the head straps and fit the mask over your head. You can use the straps to make sure it fits to your head comfortably. Once it is nice and fit around your head, take the mouthpiece or the end of the chamber of the water pipe and fit it into the mouth opening of the mask. Once that is nicely fit in, you can add some dry herbs in the bowl and put the flame of your lighter to it.

When you take a hit, make sure you get a nice big hit. Once the smoke fills up, there is no escaping until you take it all off.