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Water Pipes & Bongs

Pipes are useful, portable tools that allow you to smoke your dry herbs whenever and wherever you feel like it. However, they don’t always provide the best smoking experience for those who aren’t fond of harsh hits or for those who are trying to get more out of their smoking sessions.

Luckily, pipes are not the only tools available for dry herb smokers and there are plenty of other products out there that will allow you to take your session one step further. In this article, we are going to talk about bongs for sale in their many forms, how they function, and what they can do for you. We even provide wholesale water pipe bongs and dab rigs at the lowest price around.

What is a Water Pipe or Bong?

A water pipe or a bong is a type of smoking tool that utilizes a water filtration system in order to filter and cool down the smoke that is being brought into the device and inhaled by the user. The glass bong is only one type that gives users the ability to smoke using a water filtration system. 


Bong are desirable not only for their superior smoking experience but for a variety of other reasons as well. To better understand why they are so popular, here is a list of benefits that an individual using a bong can expect to enjoy. 

  • Water Filtration

The problem with smoking from a plain glass pipe or paper cones is that the heat of the smoke entering your airways can be harsh. This makes it less enjoyable as you continue to hit it since it makes your throat feel raw. Water pipes use water filtration to give the smoke time to cool down before it reaches your lungs. This means that you can take cooler, smoother hits for as long as you want until you are finished smoking your herbs.

  • Cleaner Smoking Experience

Bongs are said to provide a cleaner smoking experience than other forms of smoking. This is due to the water filtration process. It's supposed to get rid of a lot of tars and toxins that are harmful to the lungs when they are inhaled through regular hand pipes. If you have been trying to watch your health when you are smoking dry herbs, these are one of the best ways to continue smoking without having to deal with the extremely harmful side effects.

  • Easy to Clean

Keep in mind that this benefit does not apply to all forms of cheap bongs. However, some are extremely small or others that use simple designs. Glass is often easier to clean because of the material. It's best to use glass pipe cleaners when trying to clean it to make sure it get's the job done well. Cleaning your glass bong will not take up as much of your time as other smoking tools.

  • Smoother Hits

Harsh hits often accompany tools that are not long enough to allow the smoke to cool down before it reaches the user's mouth. There is a way to bypass this: by adding water to the smoking apparatus in order to cool down the smoke. If the chamber tube is big enough, you can throw a few ice cubes to cool it down further. With a bong, you can make sure that most of the heat is being absorbed by the water so that you are able to take smoother hits when you’re ready to smoke your herbs.

Different Types of Water Pipes

We’ve discussed some of the benefits that come with using a water pipe for sale. It’s important to touch upon some of the different types that you can use to experience these benefits. Here are the three main types of bongs that you can purchase and use.

  • Bong for Herbs

A water pipe is a cheap bong designed specifically for dry herbs that features a tall tube chamber. The tube acts as both the mouthpiece and the chamber that holds water. These glass bongs will feature a stem that is slanted out and holds the herbal bowl. This is then removed once the chamber has filled up with smoke and the user is ready to inhale.

  • Dab Rigs for Oils

A dab rig is similar to a water pipe bong but instead of being designed for smoking dry herbs, the oil rig is only compatible with wax and oil concentrates. It will also feature more complex design like the stem having a 90 degree angle and going up. They also deal with temperatures that wax concentrates and oils must undergo so that they can be successfully vaporized.

  • Bubbler

A bubbler is a unique smoking accessory as it can be best described as a mixture of a regular pipe and a cheap bong. Bubblers are typically smaller pieces that resemble a typical pipe but with an added water chamber underneath the bowl.


The previous section may have indicated to you that not all water products are constructed the same way. There are some key differences between the pieces that will require users to learn a little more about their device before they are able to use it. Still, there are universal pieces that make certain products the way they are. Here are some of those universal parts that you can find on a bong.

  • Bowl

The bowl is a removable attachment that is used to hold your ground up dry herbs, act as the heating chamber when you begin combusting your herbs, and function as a carb when it is pulled out during the smoking process. If you're using a dab rig, the bowl will be replaced with a nail or banger.

  • Down Stem

A bong down stem delivers the smoke produced from the bowl to the main chamber where the water is held. This piece is where the water filtration process begins.

  • Percolator

The percolator is the device contained within the apparatus that is responsible for filtering the smoke through the water. There is no universal percolator and the vast number of percolators available each seek to deliver a unique smoking experience.

  • Carb

The carb or carburetor is a small hole located in the cheap bong that allows for all smoke contained within it to be inhaled and cleared. Carbs are typically located on the side of the bowl and when the bowl is removed, the carb is revealed. 

  • Base

The base of the water bong simply refers to the surface on which it stands. Most bases are meant to support the whole thing and keep it standing and will come in a variety of different designs and styles for all user needs.

  • Chamber/Tube

The chamber is the long tube that acts as both the chamber for the smoke as well as the mouthpiece. The smoke is filtered through the water at the bottom of the cheap water pipe bong. It rises to the top where it is then inhaled by the user.

Different Materials for Bongs

The majority of these pipes are glass. However, they do come in other materials that alter the overall smoking experience like silicone, ceramic and acrylic. Here are some of the most common materials that you will find them made out of.

  • Glass/Quartz

Most bongs are made of glass with a quartz mixture. Why? Quartz and glass are two materials that are very clean, ensuring that your smoke remains untainted when you inhale it. Glass pieces tend to be easier to clean than some of the other materials that they build with. This makes it desirable for those who want a piece that is easy to use.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic or plastic bongs are perfect for those who are on a budget but who still want a quality smoking experience. Acrylic is much cheaper than glass and is a sturdier material that is extremely difficult to break. They’re also easy to transport during travel and you will not have to worry about your glass being smashed in your bags. If you have used a gas mask bong, they generally come with acrylic or plastic pipes.

  • Silicone

The issue with glass is that it easily breaks and if you are someone who is naturally clumsy, this could easily spell out disaster during a smoke session. If you know that you have a tendency to break your pieces, you may want to purchase a cheap bong for sale made out of silicone. Silicone water pipes are highly flexible and will allow you to drop it as many times as you want without fear of breakage. You can also put them in a freezer to cool it down.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Water pipes for sale come packed with loads of benefits but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t without their issues. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect to encounter when using a cheap water pipe.


  • Water pipes provide cleaner, cooler, and smoother hits for users.
  • Due to the larger hits that users are able to take with the smoother hits, users are able to get the desired feeling without having to consistently reload their pipe and take small hits.
  • The tar that is usually inhaled by users when they use a pipe or a smoking device that does not use water is instead gathered in the water and on the sides of the devices. 
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes them attractive for those who want a device that matches their style.


  • The smoke that builds up in the tube of your water pipe during your smoking session becomes stale rather quickly. This can make your hits harsh even though they have been cooled down by the water.
  • Having to put water in your base makes your device less portable and hard to load whenever you are out and feel like taking a hit.
  • The water has to be changed frequently as this water will go bad quickly. It will provide the user with a terrible smoking experience.
  • You are going to have to clean your water pipes more often than other smoking pieces due to the fact that the residue from the smoke sticks to the inside of your water pipe rather quickly.

How to Use a Bong?

Using a water bong is a very simple process. To begin, fill up the bottom base with water. The water level should submerge the down stem but not go up by more than half an inch up in the stem.

Next, grind up your dry herbs and remove the bowl from the bong. Pack the bowl and insert it back into the down stem. Grab the chamber firmly and light your bowl. As you light it, start inhaling it form the mouthpiece chamber.

Once the smoke begins filling the chamber, begin taking a hit from your bong. When you feel as though you have produced enough smoke, remove the bowl to reveal the carb and clear the chamber. If you want to smoke more, simply repeat the process!

Wholesale Water Pipe Bongs

Water bong pieces are amazing tools that provide a cleaner, smoother, and cooler smoking experience. If you are looking for your own glass water pipe at a wholesale price, use the guide above to better educate you on the design and functionality of these pieces so that you can find one that will work best for your smoking needs.

Looking to add some new glass bongs to your collection at your smoke shop or even at your house? Offering a smoother smoking experience than traditional pipes, our selection of wholesale water pipes does the trick no matter what. Smoke shops can be happy to know we have bongs and water pipes at discount wholesale prices.

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