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Steamroller Hand Pipes

Smoking is really popular in many cultures and there are so many different pipes to choose to smoke from. Some of them require more experience than others depending on it's used. 

What is a Steamroller?

A steamroller pipe is very similar to a chillum or a one hitter but instead of two holes it features three holes. The first one is the mouthpiece where you put your mouth on and inhale the smoke. The other hole is the bowl which you place your ground up herbs in. The third hole is the carb and this introduces a new section to draw more air in. 

The third hole is what separates a steamroller pipe from just about any other pipe. Allowing a gush of air come into the pipe mixed with smoke increases the smoke intake also. This essentially gives you the opportunity to have much bigger hits.


Just like any other smoking accessory, the steamroller bong offers it's own benefits.

More Oxygen

Inhaling the smoke is not going to give you the feeling you're looking for. With the smoke or vapor, you need a good mixture ratio of oxygen with that. 


An acrylic or glass steamroller is perfect because it helps the smoke cool down before it gets to your lips. The giant carb hole and the long chamber tube both help the smoke cool down.

How to Use a Steamroller Pipe for Smoking?

Using a steamroller hand pipe is super easy. If you have used any other pipes before, this shouldn't be much different. 

Start out by grinding your dry herbs. Fill up your bowl (usually on top of the pipe) with it. Cover the carb hole where the air is sucked in with your thumb or palm, depending on how big it is. Light your bowl up while covering the hole. When you finish lighting it, remove your hand from the carb to introduce a plethora of air into the chamber.

Is it Right For Me?

Cheap tobacco steamrollers are perfect for someone who is going to hang out and smoke. If you're looking for a quick hit so you can get on with your day or you want to be discreet, this is not it.