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Rolling Machine

As we’ve stated before, rolling your own joints can be a difficult process. You have to get the papers ready, grind your herbs down, fit perfectly in the center of your paper, and then you still have to begin the joint rolling process. A lot to do, huh? Luckily, there are machines out there that can help you through this process and make smoking much more easier. These are cigarette rolling machines.

What Are Rolling Machines?

Rolling machines are special devices that are designed to help you roll smoking products such as joints and cigarettes. Cigarette rolling machines consist of two rollers that are typically connected using plastic. The two rollers and the plastic allow you to hold your chosen herbs while you roll the filters through the roller, giving you the ability to roll a joint with ease.

Who Uses It?

Anyone can use a rolling machine! However, those who are too busy to roll their joints, those who smoke several joints throughout the day and want to roll them quickly beforehand, and those who have trouble rolling their own joint will often turn to cigarette rolling machines to help them get through the joint rolling process without having to struggle each time.

How to Use a Rolling Machine?

If you plan on using a weed rolling machine, begin by placing your filter as well as your herbs in the plastic between the two rollers. Once you’ve packed the center of your roller, begin rolling the cylinders towards you while you keep the plastic tight. Once the cylinders have been rolled, take your paper and place it into the roller with the gum side on the outside and facing you.

Slowly roll the filter in until you reach the gum line. Then, lick the gum line and continue rolling. Congratulations! You have officially rolled a joint using your joint roller.

Cigarette rolling machines are extremely useful devices that are also easy for any smoker to use. If you struggle with time constraints or rolling abilities, purchase a rolling machine and use this guide to help you save time and energy rolling your joints or cigarettes!