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Pipe Cleaners

It’s always good for smokers to keep their accessories clean at all time and this includes glass and silicone pipes. A dirty glass pipe won’t function properly as a clean one would. But then how do you clean your glass pipes? You can either use homemade solutions or already-made silicone pipe cleaners which makes cleaning easier.

What Are Glass Pipe Cleaners?

Glass pipe cleaners are specific formulas and products that are used for cleaning glass and silicone pipes. It helps keep them in good conditions by removing hazardous resins and residue.

Why You Need To Clean Pipes

As you continue to use your pipe, resins and other nasty residue begin to build up in your piece. These substances are quite harmful and have several negative effects on your health. The best way to get rid of them is by cleaning glass pipe effectively.

Cleaning your glass pipe is not only beneficial to your health, but it also prolongs your pipe’s performance. Consistently using your glass pipe will allow it to clog. The perfect hit that has always been felt will begin to deteriorate.

When your glass pipes are dirty, they become really ugly. To preserve their good look, continue to clean them.  

How To Clean Your Smoking Pipes

There are different methods of cleaning your silicone pipes. Here are some few easy, yet effective ways.

Using Cleaning Formulas

Another effective method that you can use to clean your glass pipe is to use a solution that has previously worked. Any of the brands we carry will do wonders. Simply pour it in and try to cover all openings. You can shake it around and let it get through all the corners.

When you finish, dump it out and run though some warm water. This will ensure you get every part of the solution out without having any awful after tastes.

Brands of Pipe Cleaners:

  • Klear Kryptonite
  • Randys Cleaner
  • Orange Chronic
  • Resinate
  • O-Boy! Scubbers
  • Chore Boy Scrubbers
  • Zen Soft Pipe Cleaner
  • Bristle Cleaner
  • Formula 710
  • Roor Cleaner
  • Grunge Off
  • Formula 420
  • Agent Orange

Do's In Cleaning

  • Clean the pipe weekly to prevent clogging. Cleaning your pipe after every use will keep it clean and in good condition.
  • Always change the water of your bong after every use as it makes cleaning easier.

Dont's In Cleaning

  • Don't boil the glass or silicone pipe. It looks like an easy method but it is damaging the material.
  • Don’t use cold water to rinse when using the hot water method.
  • Don't use nail polish remover. It's not healthy.