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Dab Nails


Deciding on which dab tool to get to smoke your concentrates can be tricky. Do you want to go with a banger or a nail? Well there's definitely positives to using a nail.

What's a Dab Nail?

A dab nail is the bowl you use for dabbing. Instead of using a lighter, you need to use a torch to heat it up at higher temperature than a lighter can go. It protrudes out enough to be heated with a nail but the top has a curve like a bowl. It also has a hole which leads directly to the water in your oil rig

A nail for dabbing can be the perfect tool to improve efficiency. Whether you prefer quartz, titanium to ceramic, you can get any of those with a nail.

Types of Nails


Titanium dab nails are going to be the most durable one. Dropping it will not crack it so if you don't plan to have a back up, titanium is good. It also has the highest heat retention. This means when you turn off your torch, it will stay hot longer than any other material.

Ti nails are often made from medical grade 2 titanium. It's strong enough to not warp from excessive heating and cooling down.


Ceramic is wonderful at keep it's original flavor. As long as the heat is correct, you will usually get a better taste. Ceramic can crack from quick temperature changes though.


Quartz is very similar to glass but it costs a bit more. It's much more durable than glass because it doesn't have to be heated slowly. It also lasts much longer with less warping. However, it can break pretty easily if dropped. It's very fragile. 

Quartz nails are also the best if you want to retain the flavor of the concentrate. 

Domed or Domeless?

There are more to nails than just the material it's made from. Some are covered with a dome around it while others aren't

Dome Nail

You can add a dome to your nails. The dome helps keep the smoke inside. You can definitely get more smoke this way, especially if it's a bit windy.


Exactly the opposite, domeless nails have no dome but you can use your own carb cap to cover the top. Domeless will give you more surface area so you can dab more wax onto it.